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Hello everyone. I came to US when I was 19 to study nursing. I graduated from nursing school in 2010 in Texas and passed NCLEX in Aug 2010...but being an international student and recently married,... Read More

  1. by   frankyfern22
    Are you only applying to large facilities? Have you tried applying to rural health facilities? I worked in a critical access hospital and they hired pretty much whoever had an RN license. We had a lot of new grads. Orientation was not so great (sink or swim kind of thing) but...hey it was experience. At this hospital they actually paid for one of our physical therapists to relocate from Florida (flew him and his wife up for an interview too!), and they're contracting with a Lab Tech from the Phillipines to work there because they can't find anybody willing to work from the U.S. isn't that crazy? I loved working at this small hospital. These are links to their websites. Persevere ! I hope you get your break soon. Give me a PM if you have any questions.


    NRHA Career Center
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    Consider applying to a nursing home (LTC) or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). Most times these type places are always looking for nurses. When I completed my RN training and passed NCLEX, I moved to a larger city thinking that I would have no problem getting a job in acute care (hospital). I had 5 years of experience as LPN in LTC and wanted to start my RN career in acute care. Well, suprise....I applied to multiple hospital and couldn't get a job. My LPN experience was not even considered!!!! Learned that its all about who you know. Ended up working in a SNF-Rehab for the elderly. Learned alot. Good Luck...
  3. by   HouTx
    If the OP is still in TX, she cannot work as a CNA or other unlicensed person.

    I realize that the OP is in a difficult place, but I agree with Annaiya. It seems to me that the current situation is due to consequences of the choices that were made. Leaving the country for a very extended period of time instead of hustling for that first job??? Not exactly the right path for a new grad who knows how tight the employment market is today.
    FYI, ya'll - the "English as a second language" is not a big deal in Texas. Being multi-lingual is actually a plus in many areas.
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    Is your spoken english easy for most americans to understand? If not, and if you think you might benefit, try speaking english during most of the week, like 9-5 daily, speak english only, or speak english only during the week, then speak your native tongue on weekends. If your english and accent are fine, then discard this advice.

    You might also check into medical interpreting, as a foot in the door at the hospital or clinic. That you are bilingual could be a benefit to you and your patients. Also, do check into LTC, and rural areas.

    Best of luck to you.... and congratulations on your wedding.

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    Quote from MayuZ
    Hello everyone.
    I came to US when I was 19 to study nursing. I graduated from nursing school in 2010 in Texas and passed NCLEX in Aug 2010...but being an international student and recently married, I had a very difficult time searching for a job. That time, I only had one year working permit. My husband is an American citizen, so we decided to go ahead and apply for permanent residency (green card) to increase the opportunity to get hired. So I received my new status as a permanent residency while working in a restaurant. Since both of our families are outside of the US, we had to take a long vacation to have wedding receptions in both of our countries. It had been a year and a half by the time I came back from weddings.

    Now that I have permanent residency, finished wedding stuff, and ready to find a job! BUT....I forgot a lot of stuff....and nobody wants to hire someone like me with no experience, and English is my second language....especially in a economy like this. I started studying and feel like I'm slowly getting back what I studied in school.'s hard to keep the motivation up not knowing if I can find a job ever....

    I am even thinking to give up nursing and work for somewhere else where I could make a use of my first language.
    Yes, I spent a lot of money in nursing school. Yes, I studied so hard that I shed tears so many times. Yes, I have wanted to be a nurse for such a long time. But is there still a chance for me?
    Right now, I don't care where I work, in which field, or how much I get paid. I just wanna get hired! My husband is willing to help me and even told me it's ok to move. (but we bought a house two years ago!)
    Any tips, advices, suggestions, rebukes/ ideas?

    Thank you for reading!
    I think you should be happy at least you are still have chance. I was an international student too. After one year of OPT, I had to leave. So far I have no idea how to go back to USA. I miss my nursing job, and I really want to be a nurse. In my country, our nurses just like a tech in USA. It is not what I want to be. Be gladful and pray, think about me, you are very lucky. I have some friends face the same situation. How frustrated we are. You are very lucky. Thing will work out for you.
  6. by   rnbigdaddy
    Hi jelly221, RN -

    I just applied to Centinela this week and had an interview. Do you have any suggestions now that I am playing the waiting game? Should I follow up with an additional email covering the things that I didn't say in my interview? I really want to work @ Centinela!

    TIA I appreciate any info at all,