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I graduated recently in May, Took my boards in early July, every job seems to want one year or more of experience. how can i get that if i do not get hired by anyone. help pls, any tips would be very well appreciated.... Read More

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    ooh really??? right now i am very open and will take any job i can lay my hands on. But i thought most travel agencies will not take you unless one has a year of experience in a particular area, i am a new grad with no experience, if this correlates with what you are saying, i would really appreciate you PMing me and giving me more info about this. Thanks so much and really appreciate the input.

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    Glad to know im not the only one! Im trying to relocate to dallas and can't even get one interview, while my friends that are relocating to san antonio and even austin are getting jobs. I didn't know dallas was more competitive than houston!
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    I am in the same situation, I graduated in May with a BSN and am still looking. Something will come up soon!
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    @omotzury, Did you end up finding anything yet? I am still looking but I am open to anything right now...
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    No i have not, have yo tried applying to parkland? i have an ADN and i have applied to literarily all parkland positions but i have not got one single call or interview, but being that you have a BSN, i have heard that they love BSN's, so try and apply.

    For me, i am starting next week with an home care called MGA, they are in Plano Texas and they are willing to train me. Just something to get my foot in the door and and RN with experience, the sky is the limit, but an RN with no experience, its been kinda though and you have a BSN, so you have a better chance. I wish you good luck, we all need that don't we now.
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    Yeah I applied to a bunch of parkland jobs too, but I have heard hundreds of people apply for those jobs. Congrats on the job, I am sure you are sick of job hunting haha, it gets really old
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    are you kidding me? i am just ready to start working and getting busy. Job hunting is a full tome job itself without pay so you bet i am so readyyyyyyyyyyy lol
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    That's weird that you are having trouble finding job, my friend is from another state and shes a new grad without hosp working experience. She applied to Methodist in dallas, and right away they called her for a position in ICU about a week ago. she has BSN though.
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    It isn't weird that the poster is having trouble finding work here in DFW. More accurately it is weird that Methodist would go with an out-of-state candidate when so many who live right here are crawling over one another looking for work.
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