Do I Have To Be A Part of Social Networking To Be Hired? - page 3

Social networking is a major part of our world at this point. Everyone that I know is a member of facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+, and/or tumblr. I'm not. I'm not a member of any social networking site with the exception of... Read More

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    I'd say keep your FB social media on highest privacy settings, if you must have it and if you dont use it mind as well not bother. I don't add coworkers, tell em its for family if pressed. Otherwise what does go on there is select pieces of life that is interesting but non incriminating. You hear stories about it all the time person gets fired over FB posts, twitter rants, sued etc. These days just have to be careful what you say, post. I hear some employers will even ask for your social media password the answer is no thats invasion of privacy, and violation of terms of service to share passwords

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