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Hey everyone, I had graduated in may 2012 and passed my NCLEX in august. I am still unable to find a job, an it seems really disappointing that it is even hard to get interviews. Please let me know... Read More

  1. by   maggiej27
    I know what u mean. I passed my nclex around the same time u did and I just got a job. What I had to do was find other employment first with home healthcare. Also I would talk to your supervisor where u are a CNA. They may be able to just move u through the ranks smoothly instead of having to apply everywhere
  2. by   serenitylove14
    I totally feel you on this one. I also graduated in May and Took NCLEX August.
    MY advice is to apply to jobs even if you are not qualified for the postion.
    I have applied to 221 jobs at one local hospital since December and I Finally got 2 interviews! I also applied to a bunch of state jobs and those have been the easiest to get experience from!
    Ask around to see who will hire new grads and apply there. Look on craigslist, career builder, the classifieds on sundays. Also facebook search your classmates and see where they work so you can apply there as well.
    Hope this helps!
  3. by   the smack
    I'm also a May grad and August licensed. This is by far the most frustrating experience of my life. I'm in Miami and there are very few opportunities with thousands of applicants. Here is a suggestion: if you are willing to relocate, look into Mercy Hospital in Williston, ND. I applied there this morning and got a call 2 hours later from HR and then a call an hour after that from the floor manager. They are offering me a position. But, I can't take it. I have a husband and 2 kids that can't come with me. My husband can't manage them by himself and we have no family to help us. The main reason is housing there is very expensive. I'm talking $3000 for a 2 bed apt. Plus, it's a huge climate change from Miami. -60 degrees is insane to me. I applied thinking I wouldn't get a call but they are hungry for nurses. They don't care I'm a new grad with no experience. So, if this is something you think you can pull off I really suggest you apply! Maybe you can find someone in the hospital you can split rent with. Worth a try for experience!
  4. by   Biggie1
    Help help...I got married, moved out of the country after graduation in 2008, last year I got my RN License and now will move back to the US to work as a Nurse. But everywhere I look online it says ONE YEAR MINIMAL PREFERRED. I'm having to apply like I'm a new grad because I have no experience. If it says one year experience, can I still apply, where should I be looking for jobs? I'm moving to San Francisco...please help.