Dec 2011 Graduates

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to let you guys know I finally got my first RN position. The offer came in today. For all the new graduates still struggling, please keep trucking away. I know it is very difficult out there and stressful. But I wanted to share to give you hope that they are still hiring Dec 2011 graduates
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  3. by   everyday6/12
    What state r u in??? Im in California..........
  4. by   tadat5000
    Im in california as well. Any luck with you jlnewnurse?
  5. by   Isitpossible
    congrats! dec grad too and no job!! (philly)
  6. by   everyday6/12
    Hi again....I am in the BayArea. I graduated in Dec 2011 and I have only gotten a Camp Nurse job...I have interviewed veraciously......and still no acute positions...are coming away. It is very discouraging..
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  7. by   Lioh
    Hi, I'm a Dec 2011 grad too. I just had my first interview this morning and this afternoon they called me back for a second one for tomorrow! I'm in the Tampa Bay area and it's for an allergy nurse position at an ENT office. Don't give up!
  8. by   Genu9ine
    congrats! that is helpful to know. I am a dec graduate in Texas and no job yet. I was actually feeling pretty frustrated today, trying to hang in there.
  9. by   beu4me06
    I am in IL that's where I got my job, I was living in CO and was having no luck besides at nursing homes that were an hr drive and wanted me to work every single weekend. Anyways, the job I got is at a pediatric office. I wanted to do peds so I am pretty happy. I found the job off of craigslist btw.
  10. by   SarahB84
    I'm in the Tampabay Florida area, no job yet, very discouraged also.
    Hey Lioh, how did u hear about an ENT office job, I've mostly tried the hospital websites, and a few rehabs around me
  11. by   Nurse Connie
    Congratulations! I'm in NYC and it's really tough out here. I have been hired as a camp nurse this summer, I'll be doing 3 weeks. I also got hired by a flu clinic, but that doesn't start til August, but it's better than nothing. I was offered a job at a GYN office but I turned it down because it seemed like a really shady office and I don't think I'd learn anything there. The doctor said I'd be trained by the medical assistant! Anyway, good luck everyone!
  12. by   Lioh
    Hi SarahB84, this office put an ad in the Tampa Bay Times, and also a friend of a friend knew someone who worked there and put in a good word for me. Their website is ENT Associates. Put in an application, it can't hurt! Additionally, my brother heard about a possible opening in a few weeks at another allergy/ENT office in St. Pete.

    I hear you about the hospital websites - they hardly ever list openings for new grads. If you don't mind moving, Lee Memorial in Ft. Myers advertises at least once a month for a nurse internship program. I tried there but didn't get in. Check their job search page, usually the application period is the first week of the month.

    Also, All Children's in St. Pete will take applications June 4-5 for their RN residency program. I know people who got in a few months ago and they love it.
  13. by   Ashton&AverysMommy
    I'm a December 2011 grad in wisconsin. Have had 1 interview and 2 phone interviews. Still no job Luckily I work as a home health nurse but I would like to get my foot in the door of a hospital!
  14. by   froggy0381
    Congrats! I'm a Dec. 11 Grad still looking like crazy. (Washington state) It's incredibly discouraging and seems like it will never happen. Here's hoping for the rest of us!