Dear New Grads - page 2

I want to let you know that no matter how bleak the job market looks right now, how many "no"s and rejections you get in your job search, how badly you bombed interviews, it does get better. Even if... Read More

  1. by   NursieNurseLPN
    Thank u for the inspiration! Just goes to show that hard work pays off. And all the negative stuff we go through leads us to be better nurses and we can appreciate the good when its finally our turn. Thanks!
  2. by   Flatlander
    Thank you. Very inspiring!
  3. by   Amyshy12
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know all too well what you are talking about. I earned my RN license this past April and still have yet to even get an interview. It was easy, after months of having no luck, to become discouraged. I have redone my resume and written so many different cover letters. I'm not going to give up and reading stories like yours are ever so encouraging!8)
  4. by   len1
    thank you for sharing, I am a new grad and its been hard transitioning to an independent nurse. I was looking forward to stories like this to help me and see that there is hope.
  5. by   FLmed
    I loved your post!!! Congratulations on the new job!!!
  6. by   moonkid
    Thank you for the story too!
    I will graduate from an ADN program in 2 months.
    Vwey inspirining.
  7. by   marcos9999
    Can you tell me where can we find a listing of rural hospitals. I would go anywhere for a job.
  8. by   utRN48
    Thank you for your story! I live in a rural area and went for months after obtaining my license without getting so much as getting a phone call from all the places I've applied. I finally got a job, after three months of looking, at a long-term care facility. I've been so worried because LTC has never been an interest of mine, in fact it's probably the area of nursing that I like least. But it seems to get an interview for the jobs I actually want I need to get that "one year experience" they are all requiring. It's nice to know that unlike what I've been seeing from fellow classmates on Facebook, not everyone starts out at their dream nursing job. Thank you again!
  9. by   Gyane nurse
    Your story is so uplifting. I have been a nurse since 2010.My career is not moving in the right direction. After my graduation I did not find a job until 10 months later. Then I worked only 3 months ,I got pregnant with twins. Then came one year maternity leave. I went back to work....6 months(of stress and anxiety due to work environment) later , I was terminated by a new manager. Now I have lost my confidence since that incident. I 'am not sure what to do next ,have more kids,go back to school or try and find another job. In 4 years of being a nurse I worked only 9 months as one.The other times I picked up some CNA shifts.Your story gave me hope. Thank you