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DC, Philly, or NYC

  1. 0 Hi! I am a senir nursing major and am about to graduate this coming May. I am starting to look for jobs, and cannot decide where I would want to start out my nursing career. I definately want to be in a big city. Any advice as to which city is preferable to live in out of DC, Philly, or NYC?? I am looking at Georgetown University Hospital, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, NYU Langone, New York Presbyterian, and Mount Siani. Any suggestions or feedback for any of these hospitals? any help is appreciated!!! thanks
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    Philly and NY job market is squeeky tight: hundreds of applicants for few positions. Many new grads taking a year-18 months to obtain first position due to oversupply of graduates. Best to look at Georgetown and DC surrounding area for New Grad programs.
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    thanks! I have an interview at Georgetown Hospital this coming February, but the only downside is that I've heard that they don't pay all that great... maybe about 25$ per hour. I had an internship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania this past summer and absolutely LOVED it, I'm just uncertain if I want to stay in the Philly area.
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    The cost of living in DC does not match the pay. There are other medium to large cities where there is better parity between them. Moved to DC from GA and received a $2/hr pay increase and a roughly 40% increase in our cost of living. I know that my new grad coworkers were able to live on their own in GA (not to say this is the only state where it's possible, just where I have experience) but I know of no new grads (and some experienced nurses with several years under their belt) who do not live with roommates or are you subsidized by family in DC. Good luck.

    /GUH nurse
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    how do you like georgetown's working environment? are the people friendly? do you feel challenged? are people professional?
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    how do you like georgetown's working environment? are the people friendly? do you feel challenged? are people professional?
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    There are many opportunities to learn, and probably more opportunities than other hospitals that I've worked at. I love my coworkers in my department. Whether or not you are challenged I think is dependent on you. If you work critical care or the ER there is a learning curve to be sure, but don't be complacent after the initial orientation/training. Try for whatever specialty certification you can get in your area... Never stop learning

    As far as professionalism I think we are... But that also can be a loaded question. I think the Mds, nurses, techs all work well together and there is a mutual respect for the most part. I like the working environment.