Are We Addressing Fundamental Student Needs In The Classroom? - page 2

My first classroom teaching assignment was a challenge. I was inheriting a class of nursing students with a reputation for “chewing up and spitting out” a number of previous instructors. My colleagues informed me these students... Read More

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    Wish I had you for my last term at Nursing schools! hate when teachers doesn't want to engage students or make them feel as if their question or inquiry means they are stupid. That only fosters the student os hut down and crate missed opportunities to learn.

    I hope more teachers take your approach.

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    Wooow Great Article Mrs. Mapp
    Thanks for sharing it and congratulation for your sucess!
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    This is a very good article, Dawn- your passion for excellence in teaching shines through! Nice work.
    All the best!
    Steve W.
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    I am finishing up my last few quarters as a nursing student. Just reading your post gives me more motivation to finish strong. I have had my fair share of instructors that left me feeling unsure of myself, leaving me unmotivated to try and learn. There is one instructor that always lifts me up when I start feeling this way. She teaches for the students and truly cares about them as individuals. Koodos for you and all instructors who look beyond certain barriers to ensure every student has a chance to succeed!
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    VERY cool. What an awesome teacher

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