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    Just need to vent. I teach in an ADN program. Have been teaching for 8 years. Having issues with a fellow faculty member. She is an awful instructor. Students consistently do poorly in her classes. She is incompetent in clinical. Bullying intimidating and rude to students. Unfortunately she is tenured and not much had been done. Any comments?

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    As a recent grad, the most I'd think you can do is offer comfort to the students. Trust me, when we have a justifiably difficult instructor, having another instructor who will comfort us and help us deal with the situation and use it as a life lesson, that itself is amazing.
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    I do comfort them. I encourage them to write their thoughts on her Evals. But usually they are just so relieved to have passed! I usually let them vent but am very cautious as to what I reply. I will not dis a fellow faculty -even though I agree with them. I don't believe in intimidation or bullying. That is not the way to teach.
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    That is the mark of a true professional. Thanks.
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    I don't know but after 8 years of teaching I'd think you'd know to document your concerns & take them to the Dean of Academic Affairs or at least your Program Director - not vent to an online forum and ask us what to do. Really?
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    ^^^Do we have to be so rude?^^^
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    At McLennan -thanks for the rude "support". I had a long reply but deleted it. Not worth it.
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    Never mind
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    Oh well
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    I think that anyone can come here to vent and receive support. The main difference I enjoy here is that this is a flame free atmosphere. This means we are free to disagree with anyone on any type of subject matter as long as your criticism is constructive and polite. It's why I love allnurses.

    We have all worked with colleagues that are less than desirable or are less than the acceptable standard and know that any attempt to intervene will lead to personal grief and possible retaliation with passive aggressive/aggressive intimidation tactics (lateral violence) to influence and intimidate the reporter into silence.

    I would try to give the students all the support I could. I would, but then again I can never keep my mouth shut, have a "talk" with the director about the concerns I have........ or the things I have noticed and been told to me by the students....and ask for guidance on how to proceed.

    I would also remind my students that there will always be those individuals in life that are not what they should be or not that way we would like them to be......that aren't unsafe in practice but they certainly are not the best......but that is life and you need to learn how to negotiate the rough waters.....and make waves when necessary. That this too shall pass.

    OP....... I wish you the best.
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