Negative reviews by students

  1. I’ve been a clinical instructor for 3 years for a LPN program. I’ve learned a lot over the years and I feel I’ve become pretty good at the job. But no matter how I try to be a good instructor when the student do their evaluations of me there is a lot of negative feedback. I imagine they are stressed with the overwhelming nature of a 1 year LPN program. Is it the norm to get a lot of negative feedback from student regardless of how effective you are as an instructor?
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  3. by   llg
    What you should probably do is step back, take a deep breath, and "listen" to what they have to say. What type of negative feedback is it? That you are not approachable? That your standards are too high? That you are not warm and fuzzy? That you play favorites? That you are not clear in your instructions? That you are inconsistent with you expectations and explanations? etc. Be honest with yourself and identify which feedback is legitimate and which is not.

    If what they are saying are things that you can improve (such as being not clear with instructions), then work on that. But if their feedback is not reasonable (e.g. you have high standards and the class is a lot of work) .... well ... those are things that are not going to change. Try to be sympathetic and approachable to them, but don't count on being their best friend. That's not your role. Sometimes, they are simply not going to like you.

    I recently had a student complain to me for a half hour because I gave her a B on a homework assignment. I'm sure her course eval about me will be lovely.
  4. by   debiklages
    I guess that it depends on the type of feedback that you receive. I have received negative feedback from time to time and need to objectively review the comments to see if there is anything that I need to change in the delivery of the content. One issue that I have though is the way in which feedback is collected. For example one form that we use allows the students to comment on how we deliver the session. I am not an actor. Sometimes the content just needs to be delivered and it is critical that people need to know exactly what they need to know. Making personal statements about how I deliver "boring" content is not helpful. What I have tried to do is to tell them in advance that this is the course content and that they as health care providers need to know this in order to keep their jobs.
  5. by   gpsrn
    Course evaluations are difficult for everyone. i have found that in difficult courses that students will give poor evaluations; however, when you held them to the standard they are thankful and are happy. That might not be during your course, but another course later in the program. I suggest that you look at the results, then give it a few days and come back and review the information to take comments that you can use.