Love to Teach - Masters?

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    Hopefully someone out there has some suggestions. I love to teach!

    Background: I'm an RN -Psych Nurse. Have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Have completed all prerequisites for a BSN - A&P I&II, Microbiology, Statistics, Chemistry, Nutrition etc.

    Goal: To earn a Master's Degree in Nursing Education and in Psych. Would like to be an Instructor at a nursing school and continue to work part time as a Psych Nurse. Willing to do it online or to relocate to anywhere in the US. Any suggestions?

    Thank you so much for your suggestions.
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    I just finished my Master's in Nursing Education. First, you'll need to complete your BSN (unless you are doing some kind of bridge program). I got my BSN from Indiana University (IU) and my MSN from Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU). The MSN was online with a teaching clinical you must complete at a local university and online. I taught Community Health at IWU and an online Nursing Research class (again at IWU). You will also complete a thesis.

    I immediately found an adjunct position at a local 2-year college. I also have a job at a pharma company as a research nurse.

    The MSN curriculum was tough and very time consuming but I completed on time in 22 months. As always, make sure your school is properly accredited (CCNE for MSN and NLN for BSN). Accreditation means everything.

    Good luck.
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    I did my MSN through Walden. Did a specialization in nursing education. Took me 2 years. No thesis- just a project. Not bad at all
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    Thank you so much! Is anyone familiar with "stipends" that some schools are offering?
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    Some offer based on faculty needs. If they are having problems recruiting faculty they may offer a stipend
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    I KNIW this is an older thread; but can anyone provide a update to this? MSN educator track at Walden? What does the practicum entail, how's the course load, professors?
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    Thank you, I've seem the website; however I was looking for personal experience & input...
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    I did mine through walden. The practicum was not bad. They guide you through. You find a local preceptor - they will talk to the preceptor via phone- and you decide what you are going to do. Teach a class, etc. I created an online orientation for new faculty for mine. I thought it was pretty user friendly. That was 3 years ago.
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    I did my MSN online through UNM; the field work was local, just needed a contract with a local nursing program. I took it slowly, one class at a time, over 5 years. Worked nights, single mom-med 3 homeschooled kids. My experience was very positive, traveled sometimes to campus and met some professors, my advisor; but on the whole it was really nice just to get to do my classes on my time line (usually between 2 and 4 AM).

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