How to Become Online Nursing Instructor

  1. 0 Hello everyone.. I am new in the forum world. I just wanted to know if anyone knew how to become an online nursing instructor.

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    Good question. You probably have to apply at the individual schools. However, I had an instructor in my Statistics class that was in Alabama while the college is in Orlando. I'm not sure how he got that job.

    Good luck
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    I will be teaching my first online class this fall (Nursing Theory in an online RN-BSN program). I got the job because I heard through the grapevine that a local university was looking for some new faculty members. I called the Head of the Department and we found a fit that should work well for both of us.

    I am pretty sure that you apply for online faculty jobs the same way that you apply for other faculty jobs. You contact the schools, send a vitae, interview, etc.

    Good luck,
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    I know at the University of Phoenix - there is an extensive application process. I agree with everyone else - contact the individual schools.
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    The other information that has been left out, you must have a MSN to teach at the BSN level and generally at the ADN level aswell except for inperson clinical instructor adjunct faculty positions.
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    Quote from bsweilrn
    The other information that has been left out, you must have a MSN to teach at the BSN level and generally at the ADN level aswell except for inperson clinical instructor adjunct faculty positions.
    There are many online program. UOP for example has an almost 6 months training/internship program, but I have 2 friends that teach exclusively online at UOP and stay home.... You can also try exclusively online nursing programs like WGU
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    There are universities/colleges looking for MSNs to teach online nursing courses.

    The past thread below addressed this topic:
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    I'm interested in this too. I already teach clinicals 2 days per week plus teach in the lab in an ADN program. I teach ob/postpartum right now, but have taught med/surg, GI before. I would love to teach online, but so far all the programs I've contacted want some kind of doctorate degree, either finished or in progress. I'm almost finished my Masters, so I thought I'd be able to teach in an ADN or bridge online program, but haven't found any.

    By the way, when I click on the previous link,it just brings me back to the nursing educator page, not sure why it's not working for me?
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    Link doesn't work for me either, Maggie315.

    I found the link below. They hire MSN prepared nurses. When will you be done with your MSN?


    If the link above doesn't work either, you can google "Instructional Connections Jobs"
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    Thanks!I only have 4 more courses to go before I'm done
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    That's Wonderful, Maggi315!

    What university will you be graduating from?
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    University of Phoenix...MSN/nurse educator. I had hoped to finish this spring, but had to take a few breaks due to family illness issues, which is one of the big benefits to UOP.

    Ideally, I would continue teaching 2 days per week as an adjunct, which I am doing now, and find a job teaching online. I'd like to add in writing/teaching courses, such as CEU's and workshops. This allows me to do everything I like at one time and provide the flexibility I need with my family.
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    What about BSN nurse instructors online? I'll be starting my MSN this Sept, but it'd be nice to already have some experience under my belt.

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