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Hospital access to full text online journal articles

  1. 0 Does your hospital provide all staff members with online access to full text journal articles? If so, what platform/service are you using ... EBSCO? CINAHL? OVID? etc.

    Does everyone have access to all of the resources or just people in certain positions?

    Can you get most journal articles in full text or do you just get abstracts for most of them?

    How happy are you with the services you are getting?

    My hospital is looking at switching/upgrading its current access and I would like to know what others are doing.

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    Our hospital does not provide access to any of the above, I am fortunate in that I am in grad school and access them from my student account
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    Our hospital provides free online journals through Ovid on our intranet site to all staff. Bedside nurses are not using the site as I would hope they do. We also use HealthStream and Nursing center for free CE's.
    Since I also work as an adjunct faculty, I use EBSCO from the university more than Ovid.
    Everything is full text, or full text can be requested for no charge.
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    My hospital system has a HUGE medical library with free access to all of those platforms -- and several awesome librarians, too!--
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    we do not subscribe to any of the platforms so the only access I have is in public domain or I go to the local university library and borrow their computer
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    We only have "UP to Date" and Mosby's Nursing Skills. I love "up to date"!! the doctors like it a lot too.
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    Our subscription to Medline Complete and CINAHL Plus with Full Text is through EBSCOhost and provided at the corporate level. (I work for the large, for-profit company with a 3-letter acronym.) We have good luck with these databases - we can access the account from non-network computers and EBSCO has an app so we can access it from our smartphones as well.

    If EBSCO doesn't have the full text.....We have several nurses in school so many opt to access their university's online library. As a facility, we are a part of the DOCLINE system - so I can enter citation information and purchase a copy of the needed article for $9-$12.

    Let me know if you have any questions about our resources.
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    We do not have anything and I really miss it, last year when I was working on my MSN I had access thru Walden. It was wonderful
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    Recently learned that CINAHL and EBSCO would be about $10,000/yr on top of the DynaMed we already have. So no, we will not be getting those. I will continue to use university library (close by!)