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    i am a registered nurse for 5 years working at the bedside. i did a 3 year diploma in general nursing. i started to hate nursing at the bedside so i ve decided to do a bachelors in education with specialisation in primary education as i have always loved teaching. i want to get into nursing education but i do not want to have to do a BSN. Can i be advised accordingly.... thank you

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    You're going to have a v. difficult time finding a position in nursing education without at least a BSN (and, no, an ADN plus a degree in education won't count, esp. with concentration in primary education). Even a BSN won't open up too many doors; some schools employ BSN-prepared nurses as clinical instructors, but an MSN is considered the bare minimum to teach in most places. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    What state are you in?
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    i am from the caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be exact.
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    Ok. Well I was going to tell you that the state of Indiana allows LPNs and RNs, (which is recently new it was exclusively for BSN and up to teach) to get a two day class that certifies you to teach CNA classes and clinicals. I was hired through a community college that pays for the classes. That is a start in tge directuon you are wanting.

    Perhaps you could check into your BON or local colleges to see what the regulations are, maybe do something like that then proceed to finishing school for nurse educator.

    Best wishes, keep your dreams!
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    Well, if you're not licensed and practicing in the US, ignore what I said previously, as I have no idea how nursing education works in the Caribbean. Best wishes!
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    I would suggest conducting information interviews at institutions that interest you. Maybe shadow a few educators to see what type of environment is a good fit for you. The type of educator you want to be and institution will determine the degree requirements you need to seek.
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