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This question is for both seasoned nurses and those nurses who have just entered the field of nursing. What I am interested in is this... would you advise a close friend or family member, or anyone you care about for that matter... Read More

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    I would not recommend nursing as a career, despite the fact that I have been one for 24 years. It is a physically, emotionally and mentally demanding career. There is a general lack of respect overall - even after all these years- between physicians and nurses. I spend a lot of money to alleviate the bad back I've acquired along the way. I can honestly say that though I have enjoyed my time as a nurse, for the most part, if I could quit and make comparable wages doing something less demanding on my body, psyche and mind, I would. I know the world of hurt we will all be in unless the profession continues to attract smart, caring people. How to keep those nurses happy, caring and invested in their jobs is the key issue.
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    Honestly, I would say no! Its the "thankless job" I wish someone would of told me the truth about.
    If I could go back, I'd choose differently.
    You work work work and it never seems like enough. Its never about what you've done, always about what you didn't get accomplished.
    Nurses are caddy towards one another for no apparent reason. Sure, the $$ is ok and job security is great but it has a cost. Long hours, OT, bad back, emotional toll on your mind and body.
    Its not for everyone.
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    Love my job but physically and emotionally draining. I am on shortterm disability because of my knees. Miss my coworkers and pts. If yo are in nursing school already suggest you get a tech job it helps with finding a job and gets you in a hospital. In Indiana my hospital hires its tech as RN's. If you are going in for the money I would discourage it not worth it too hard although I make a good wage stress is high and money is no reason to get into s profession.
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    I love what I do on most days. What I don't love and actually hate is the fact that I feel like I have to cover my @ss all the time and chart defensively. This is primarily because I work in a teaching hospital and sometimes the "kids" don't listen. Last week was absolutely horrible and I was ready to be a greeter at wal-mart. If people ask me about being a nurse, I tell them the truth. They can make up their own mind.

    My daughters have been asked if they wanted to be a nurse...they replied H%ll NO! Long hours, not being home for holidays etc.
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    I'd absolutely recommend it. Med sug at least is flexible, pays well, and rewarding. I can think of few better career choices.
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    Quote from LPNweezy
    "There is always a need for nurses"
    "The world needs ditch diggers too" Caddyshack.
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    No. I would never discourage it if someone had their heart set on it but I will never recommend it and will steer my kids far away from it.
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