Who would hire an international nurse?

  1. 0 Hey guys,
    My situation is I am a new US Resident .
    I have been an RN with 13 yrs of experience in my home land, predominantly in ER.
    Now that I am awaiting NY and CA licensure, does anyone know of any hospital in particular that would hire me , being I have no US experience.

    Thank you
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    best thing to do is send in your resume and call around
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    Take advantage of your background! I would recommend that you obtain certification as a medical interpreter for your native language - here is some information on that process The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) . There is an ongoing demand for this type of work due to regulatory requirements. This certification will add value to your resume & also make you eligible for work with one of the "language line" companies that supply interpreters or even with a large employer that may employ their own interpreters.

    Other avenues you may wish to explore while you're waiting on your license is ER Tech. Telemetry Tech or phlebotomy - all very do-able for someone with your level of experience!

    A note of caution: Please be very careful about referring to yourself as "NURSE" until you are licensed to do so - this is a protected title in many states (including mine). You don't want to accidentally find yourself labeled as an "imposter" since that could end up affecting your ability to obtain a license.
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    once you are licensed in the US your experience will count. Has your education been evaluated? You said you are a resident....how long have you been here......what type of VISA do you have? is your work experience current? Do you have a Social Security number?

    YOU can call your self a nurse for you have a license in your country....you are not a Registered Nurse yet for you have not passed the registration exam for licensure in the US.
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    I said i am Awaiting licensure for NY and California. Obviously I passed the NCLEX RN with an SSN to be able to do it in the first place. DUH. Thanks for the note on my experience anyway.

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