What else is there for an ADN besides bedside nursing??!!

  1. I'm burned OUT. I'm so tired of politics in the workplace, namely CLICKS! I have busted my butt for years to be treated like a robot.

    I am working in a PACU and many nurses are so young, and some are just plain old mean. They go to the manager about things that don't matter, or could be discussed between them and the person they are angry at. Today i got written up because i accidently an unused syringe on the bed. She didnt mention that it was unused, just I LEFT A SYRINGE on the bed. I dont think she thought i'd get into trouble, but i did and there was nothing to be said because said gossiper wouldnt cop to the fact it was brand new empty syringe (the same kind they let kids play with)

    So here i am AGAIN. I got introuble at my last job because a seasoned nurse who had worked at our hospital was about to be put on peer review for something that never happened. I was there that night and witnessed what did happen and tried to tell everyone who would listen. He is the kindest gentlest nurse i know. Anyway 3 of us got put on final, for things that shouldnt have even been a warning. Funny how all three of us were to appear at peer review as witnesses for him. When i turned in my notice (i wasnt going to sign the write up) i asked if i was rehirable, thinking i'd come back in 6 months. Yes they said, but i was blacklisted (see group 1 threads in texas)

    I was lucky this pacu offered me a job, but i cant take it anymore. I've been called lazy, lacking self confidence and that i don't get it. Pahleez. I can run circles, but get irritated when the day shift leaves me alone to recover patients so they can have thier second lunch break (dinner). They are only allowed 1 30 minute dinner per shift, but they think they all need another break. THen they get mad when i ask if i can go to the cafeteria before it closes ( i work nights) to grab something to eat later. I was told i should bring my lunch.

    I really want to work at home, or in an office setting. I'm an ADN and 50 yrs old. So many people want BSN only and I really dont want to go back to school. I would have 9 prereq's and 2 years of classes..its almost like a do over. Just dont want to do that. I'd like to retire in 10 yrs..do not want to spend 5 of them in school part time.

    Does anyone have a listing of bigger companies or any ideas of other jobs an older RN can do? Most if not all of my experience is in pediatrics. Honestly no drug company will higher a 50 yr old 40lb overwieght RN to pedal thier drugs. They like 30 yr old skinny girls lol.

    Seriously Ive been crying all morning. I just feel like a failure here and being put on group one is preventing me from gaining employment at any hospital in the area i live in in texas. Forgive the typing, like i said i've been up all night and crying all morning.

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  3. by   classicdame
    Insurance companies hire people to work from office or home as case managers. Some will let you start without the certification. The Health dept is a resource, as well as school nursing. If there is a medical society in your county they may help place you in an MD office. TNA has some listings online I think (www.texasnurses.org). Hope you find your niche
  4. by   poppycat
    You might try private duty Pediatric home care. Most agencies (at least in my area) don't require BSN and it's a very low stress job.
  5. by   BrandonLPN
    Most LTC DONs I know are ADNs. They do little, if any, actual bedside nursing. But I would never in my wildest dreams describe that as a "low stress" option job.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    My friend has an associates degree and works a desk job as a staff development coordinator at a nursing home.

    However, do not be fooled. Cliques are everywhere, and her job is not low-stress by any means.
  7. by   duckies
    Ya, try private duty pediatric home care. Very low stress. You take care of 1 happy special needs child and the families are very grateful. During my time in pediatric home care, my biggest daily worry was what movie to watch.
  8. by   nursefrances
    What I did was walk into the local surgery centers in my city and asked if they were hiring. Ambulatory surgery centers have a recovery area and if you go to a surgery center that has an ENT doctor, they do ear tubes on kids. You usually only have one or two patients at a time in recovery (if it is a smaller center, one doc operating at a time) and patients need a health clearance before having surgery, so they have to be healthy enough for surgery. For me, this was a total different population than I was used to caring for. I really enjoy this setting. Good luck to you.