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Agency - Agency Nursing is essentially where a nurse will register or sign up with an agency or similar group and tell them what hours they are available to work. The nurses are then contacted and offered work on a shift to shift... Read More

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    Thank you

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    WOW! This was very helpful!
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    Thank you I am just at the begining of my search for a nursing field and this really will help me decide. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm new to this forum and this is exactly what I was hoping to find.
    thanks much for the information.
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    There is also Hospice Nursing.
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    HI everyone! I wanted to let you guys know that Nurse Recruiting is also an option if you are an experienced Nurse looking for something else within that field.
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    Very helpful! I am planning to attend nursing school shortly. I work as an EMT now, but plan to train and obtain work as an STNA to give me more clinical experience with patients requiring long term care. Currently I desire to work as an ICU Nurse when I complete my ADN.

    This is a very helpful thread! Thanks!
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    That was very helpful information.

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    hi. here's another option in nursing that's very rewarding, I work in the fetal testing unit with high risk pregnant moms. I do non stress testing in my unit. Any other nurses out there that does this please respond. I feel like there are very few of us
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    I'm a senior BSN nursing student and am considering OR nursing. Can anyone who practices is this field share with me your feelings about this type of nursing - pros and cons, etc. and what I should know before making this decision.

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