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I've been a nurse for a lONG time -- probably longer than most of you reading this have been alive. Had I known what I was getting into, I probably would not have gotten into it. Fortunately, I had no idea. I say fortunately,... Read More

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    Ruby Vee asked: Your patient is 198 pounds and the physician has ordered 2.5 mg. per kilogram of medication per day in two equal doses. How much do you give now? And that's an easy one.

    Quote from IEDave
    Hmm...[LIST=1][*]Patient weight is 90Kg, 90*2.5 = 562.5 mg: 562.5/2 = 281.25 mg or 282 mg BID.

    ----- Dave
    I have dissected your math and can't figure out where you went wrong (unless you divided by 6.25 for some reason), must have hit a wrong button...

    198 lbs / 2.2 = 90 kg

    90 kg x 2.5 mg = 225 mg / day

    225 mg / 2 doses = 112.5 mg/dose

    You'd give 112.5 mg now.

    Ms. Ruby Vee, Awesome post... But, I've never worked a night shift. Guess I'm lucky. I love nursing. I haven't ever wanted to do anything else...

    When I was done reading your post I chuckled. I kept saying, that is normal... it's normal. Nursing isn't that bad.

    Then I realized it is normal to me because it is all I have ever done. It is the only lifestyle I have ever worked. I would not have it any other way.
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    Great article! Definitely some things to think about. I do feel part of it is a calling. I have heard often times second career seekers with more life experience make decent nurses. Have realistic expectations. Taking the bad with the good! Critical thinking/prioritizing/time management/desire to learn and improve in addition to compassion. Learn to take criticism better! If I can survive the stinkin exams, I think I'll be okay. I feel very passionate about this. If it were easy, would it really be worth pursuing?
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    This is a beautiful and truthful post, I enjoyed reading every word of it! Thanks for sharing this with us.
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    What can one say? Excellent post! Can we have it embroidered on a pillow or something? *LOL*

    Nursing like entering religous life requires a certain "calling" if you will but there is more to it than that. Just as sometimes despite the most feverent wish and all one's efforts becoming a nun just isn't in the cards, the same can apply for nursing.

    However as with the convent sometimes it's just a matter of perhaps it not being the right time or the particular order and one needs to temper desire to achieve a goal with opening one's heart and mind to God's (or whatever higher power one believes in) plan.

    Many a student nurse was chucked out of and or advised to leave a program because it was felt nursing was beyond them. So they do, however the gentle tugs never go away. One day that little tug finds a voice and says "now", and the "ugly ducking" of a previous nursing class goes on to become an excellent nurse.

    Some people reach their goals at once, others at last. What is important is to enjoy the adventure and leave one's heart and mind open.
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    WHAT???? I won't be able to just sit around, drink coffee, and flirt? My school never told me that - I'm going to sue them!!
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    Quote from Ruby Vee
    There are those who go into nursing so they can take care of cute little babies all day, or maybe it's sweet little old ladies. I've taken care of a number of sweet little old ladies, but then there are the emmigrants from Hades who make your entire shift a misery, and you have to take care of them as if they were likable, too. The cute little baby who "fell off the table while I was changing his diaper" for the fourth time this month may wind up in your care and no matter what you think of the mother, you can't tell her. If you don't think you'd have the backbone to contact Child Protective Services, consider growing one. Pediatrics is a popular choice because everyone loves little children. Consider the fact that some of your patients may be victims of child abuse, and the abuser is right there in the room with them asking when they can go home. Or that sweet little boy with the big blue eyes may be dying of leukemia. The neonate in your NICU may have been born addicted to heroin and is going home with his mother anyway. No body likes to see this things happen, but as a nurse, you'll see them. And worse. Itíll tug on your heartstrings, or itíll rip your heart right out of your chest and shred it. But you WILL see these things or worse, and youíll need to deal with them.
    I Loved this POST!!! It was great. After reading it I still want to be a nurse. The only part I feel I will really have to work on is the part that is bolded above, about the possible child abuse. Now calling child protective services will not be a problem, not putting the mother into a bed next to the baby is what I have a concern about. I know, we cannot judge, and for all I know the mother may not have caused the abuse, just let it happen (which is still bad). Babies are my weakness, I am steering clear of NICU and pediactrics because I do not want to run into those kind of situations.

    Although I am hoping to get into oncololgy I know that there are steps to get there and running into abuse is always a possiblity as it can occur to people of any age. So, I loved the article, I still feel called to be a nurse and I hope that I am able to by the GRACE of GOD overcome my defensive behavior when it comes to seeing abuse. Thanks for the wonderful article. Peace...
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    This was a great read and the last couple of paragraphs stated exactly why I left office work. Thankfully both my parents are nurses so I talked to them a LOT about it before going back to school. I see too many fellow pre-nursing students that have no idea what nursing is about and what its really like. There are too few entry level jobs and the hours are long nand hard. Towards the end of my dads career his back was in bad shape, my mom suffered a herniated disk. It's not at all a glamerous profession like TV .akes it out to be, but for some people its worth it. As a second career choice I feel its right for my; I've always been drawn to medicine from a very young agem
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    Love this.
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    Amazing!! This is definitely something I am printing out for my friend. She starts nursing school will me in Fall 12' and she has no idea what she is getting herself into.
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    This was a great and much appreciated article. I think that all nursing students should know from the jump that they will have to take criticism. I even had to get my heart off of my own sleeve! I really appreciate this!

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