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This may be a dumb question but...

  1. 1 What is an ROI ? One of my nursing instructors gave me the ok to list her as a reference and asked that I tell potential employer to send her an ROI so that she could give me a reference
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    Release of Information
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    LOL - all I could think of was "return on investment".
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    I don't have a clue what ROI means. I'm leaning toward the "return on investment".
    I just couldn't resist a thread that led with "This may be a dumb question but".
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    oh, i thought it was a sidedish at the nearby takeout place...

    to the OP, yeah, every once in a while, i have trouble with some of the acronyms used here, as the words change from time to time, and new words are invented, too. but i have learned, we can get by with LOL, or rofl, prn, or tid or ngt or BFF or DH or a few others,
    but ohmidawg if you post ppl instead of people, oh my! they will throw eggs! ha ha!!
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    Was she smiling when she said that? I think she means return on investment. She invested in you.