What I am about to describe is the real problem in nursing it is: #1: It's the nurse who charts on their lunch break.(why? Because they cave into upper mgt. to be more efficient.) #2: The nurse who takes more patients that... Read More

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    Originally posted by kona2:
    I know where you are coming from. Though, I guess you would call me a nurse who "sucks" because sometimes I have charted on my lunch break so that I can get off work on time. And yes, that's wrong, that we don't have enough staff so I can take a "real" break. But as you know, most hospitals don't staff by acuities (though we fill out all this paperwork for it).They staff by bodies in beds.

    When the situation merits, nurses where I work will fill out an assignment under protest, and we almost always get the extra help we need. Even if we merely "threaten to fill out" an assignment under protest (I work at a union hospital, and the staffing ratios are usually pretty safe), that usually gets an extra nurse to the floor.

    Not all nurses are spineless doormats.I am one of many nurses in our state (Calif) who has HAD IT w/ unsafe staffing! We aggressively supported a safe staffing bill that passed into law recently, and are currently arguing against the hospital industry over what the maximum safe nurse patient ratios should be. Our new safe staffing law will go into effect in 2002, and will cover all the main acute care floors.

    It's still an uphill battle, b/c like you said, even here in CA, many nurses would rather complain than lift a finger to write a letter to government, or attend a rally/meeting to support the safe ratios.And the public still has images of nurses from several decades ago. I think many people have no clue of what a nurse "really does." We need to enlighten the public and voice our opinions. It's definately a frustrating situation.

    The California Nurses Association (largest nursing union in our state) has tons of great info about AB394 (safe staffing bill, that now will be law).CNA is a strong force in our state, and has some great info on their website. Here's the Calif. Nurses Association website:

    Here's the address to a recent news article about the struggle to implement the new safer CA ratios(It's called, "State, Nurses Scrap on Staffing):

    The comment (in the article above) from Jan Emerson of the Hospital Association really made my blood boil! I'd love for her to work as a staff nurse on the floors for just one shift & she's change her tune fast!

    SUBQ, you are not alone in your anger. If we want to make nursing better, we have to FIGHT!

    I am from California but now working in Arizona & I recall the form about accepting an assignment under protest. I mentioned it to our DON & she looked at me as if I were from outter space. If you have a generic copy of the form I would sure love to have a copy of it. Is there anywhere it is posted or should anyone like to give me an email adress to send my home fax number to I would sure appreciate it. Time is of the essence because the staffing in this small town is so frequently inadequate I will be leaving here for the Las Vegas area at the end of June 2001. Thanx for your time. Peace out.

    You can't erase the spoken word.

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    Originally posted by SUBQ:
    What I am about to describe is the real problem in nursing it is:

    #1: It's the nurse who charts on their lunch break.(why? Because they cave into upper mgt. to be more efficient.)

    #2: The nurse who takes more patients that is safe to handle. (Why? Once again, they cave into those pin heads who have the big bucks--the smucks who make all the $$$ and drive nice cars and tell you and I how to be more RESOURCEFUL when taking on extra responsibility.)

    Why am I so hacked off at these people?

    The answer is simple. These people cave into the pin heads who know absolutely nothing about the jobs that we do.

    These people don't have a license to lose. If they lose their job or get fired, they can find some rat infested nursing home and skim funds from that place and do the same thing all over again.

    Yeah, these are the leeches that have reshaped my whole out look about the profession.

    My question is: why did they not tell us in nursing school that these pecker woods would infest the industry that I work in?

    Does it sound like I'm ******?

    You betcha!

    It makes me wanna puke when I think about how these MBA's-- SHAFT my patients out of QUALITY nursing care!

    How they brain wash everyone into "we'll get you some help, just hang in there."

    That's baloney, they never hire or when they do, you people don't help 'em out. I watch you nurses who ***** and complain and gossip about each other left in right. You can't wait till the hospital hires someone new to talk bad about!

    You know what?

    Screw 'em all! And to all the nurses who cave into these bone heads, you don't deserve the crap that these idiots are slinging!!!

    It's a dad-gum shame that this industry is so S C R E W E D UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm looking 4 a new job and it probably won't be nursing.

    You can't convince me enough that the license that I worked so hard to get is worth:


    I'm sorry, but like Dee Snider said " We're not gonna take it"

    I'm sure the hell not! I'll walk on any shift and on any hospital before I compromise saftey and the health of my patients.

    I'm talking about trying to tell me that I have to take a safe load of pts.

    I won't do it!!!

    Go ahead you Florence Nightengail types:

    Tell me how selfish that I'm being for wanting a safe patient to nurse ratio.

    Tell me that I'm selfish because I don't give a rats a$$ about charting on my lunch break.

    You nurses who chart on YOUR lunch breaks are fools. You need that 30 mins to yourself to refuel; not be more efficient for some Benz driving bone head.

    And you nurses who continue to work out of ratio, your the ones who are really makig the pts. suffer; yeah your the ones who are doing it! The more that you keep on letting these upper mgt pin heads get away by not allowing you to be staffed properly the more you keep biting the hand that feeds you.

    IF & I MEAN IF:


    BUT THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN. THIS INDUSTRY IS LINED W/ PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE MENTALITY OF SOMEONE WHO WOULD RATHER BE WALKED ON THAN WALK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'll come back later and make a better argument. However, I'll get the ball rolling.
    I think you're trying to call the problems what they are but your anger seems to be getting in the way a bit. When the administrative "pinheads" force us into this or that mode we are being bullied, pure and simple. In America, the cart is pulling the horse. Nurses need to remeber that they are the only saving grace between comfort and isery for physicians and administratiors. I've seen nurses bust their buns insanely nightly to make sure every jot and tittle has been covered so that the "brass"...the oncoming "chage nurse"...or someone else with perceived authority don't raise hell and make life more difficult than it is. All too many nurses are caught up in the same malstrom as children and spouses of substance abusers. Being put and kept down allows the abuser the privilage of thinking he or she is in a position to lessen others. We hold the power to initiate change the problem is that we just haven't learned along the way how to use that power effectively.

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    Well one advantage I can say is with my nursing license we also are also peace officers and are under their union at this time (which prison advocates are trying to get us out) but anyways one thing I have learned by being in their union most nursing unions suck and really are not as strong as they present theirselves usally.As unhappy as a large % of nurses are it amazes me how unstrong we really are a whole.Why do we not have a nation wide union with all CNAS/LVN/LPN/ALL RNs in it as a whole with lets say 60 dollars a month fee.(worth some large union-corp to take on)I also have to say yes as nurses we should be patient advocates but unless you take care of yourself first major burnout it around the bend.And yes I found out several years ago not to be killing myself for the so called good of the profession,very few people really appreciate what nurses do for our society including our goverment. I told my daughter never,never get into the medical feild for the time you spend in school you can make twice the amount in something else and have weekends,holidays and full benifits with half the stress.
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    Good for you Wildtime. What you have written is way too true. We can really be a pathetic breed can't we? mud
    Originally posted by wildtime88:
    It is about time. I was wondering when people were going to start to get angry about how we are treated We are treated worse than second class citizens. Unfortunantly, we have allowed it to happen. There are so many passive individuals in our profession that will not even stick up for themselves. You know the type. They are the ones that run and hide anytime someone from administrtion comes around. But they are not the worse of the bunch. The ones who really get to me are the ones that stand around and complain and are not willing to do anything about it. The ones that are always saying that someone needs to do something about this. The ones who run to someone else to solve their problems for them. They are always expecting someone to step in on their behalf instead of dealing with it directly. and they are the first ones to run away when confronted directly. Is it not time to stand up for our selves and take matters into our own hands? We could accomplish more in one day than has been accomplished in the last one hundred years. We could accomplish more than the ANA has since it's inception without having the money that they have had to work with. We do not need any other organizations like the Million Nurses March to go lobbying to congress. A lot of people do not know that is there game plan. One or the board members has even refered to it as the Million Nurses Voice. The ANA is planning for national lobbying day. So in reality, what is the difference? We need a new direction. We need a movement to stand up for ourselves. We need to simply all come together in one place at one time and say "I refuse to take this any longer". Not just to be heard but also to be felt.

    If you are interested in standing up for yourselves and actually saying "I refuse to take it anymore" then come and read the posts from the beginning at the discussion at
    Invite anyone else that you know that feels the same way you do to go there.

    How can we say that we are in control of our profession if we are asking everyone else to fix it for us?

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    Here's a sample "assignment under protest" form from Oregon:

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    We need to unionize, and NOW!!! The suits in charge tell us that professionals don't unionize. I know of no other "professionals" who have to wear uniforms and punch a timeclock. Can you imagine if they tried to lay that kind of crap on the MDs? Or the beancounters? Or the DONs? If nurses would ALL band together, we might be able to accomplish something. Can you imagine if we went on strike and the suits had to do patient care?
    And I'm just dredging up ten-year-old resentments. We can do it!
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    For a generic 'Assignment Despite Objection'
    form go to
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    I agree!! And we you decline to take an unsafe patient load, they talked amongst themselves about how incompetent you arej!!! Well guess what!!! I busted my butt for my license and I plan on KEEPING IT!!!
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