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Telephonic Case Management Question - page 2

Hi all! I was recently offered a position as a case manager for United Healthcare. It is in office training for about 6 months and then moves to a home office. I have a great job now that is in an... Read More

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    OP Did you take this job? I am looking at a very similar if not the same position wondering how you like it?
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    I know you posted this several years ago, but, did you accept the position? I'm looking in to a similar position with United. Your response is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi guys!!

    does anyone know if you can doing any travel nursing as a telephonic nurse case manager?
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    I'm interviewing for a field case manager at United. I originally applied to the telephonic position and then after speaking to the HR lady who did my initial phone interview today she told me that they only had field CM positions open at this time. So I scheduled myself to interview for the field position in June. Could anyone give me any insight for this position in terms of hours, requirements, case load, etc. I'm needing the flexibility due to school and curious if this position would be able to offer that?