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Hi all! I was recently offered a position as a case manager for United Healthcare. It is in office training for about 6 months and then moves to a home office. I have a great job now that is in an office so the working from... Read More

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    Curious. How's the mileage reimbursement for those that travel?

    Also, are you paid hourly or on a salary?
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    I know you posted this info in 2011, but I was looking at the same position with this company. I was wondering how many home visits you had to do per day, travel distance they sent you, did you have to travel to unsafe areas, etc... I would appreciate any answers. Thanks
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    Hi all good day. I am a RN with over ten years experience. I myself am looking for a job where I can work from home. I don't have a BSN but will be doing it come January 2014. If anyone know of a company that will hire a Rn for a telephonic RN job without a BSN could let me know I would really be grateful. I have applied to many but I think they are not interested since I do not have a BSN. Thanks in advance. Can also email me at Thanks in advance to you all.
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    OP Did you take this job? I am looking at a very similar if not the same position wondering how you like it?

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