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Hi all!

I was recently offered a position as a case manager for United Healthcare. It is in office training for about 6 months and then moves to a home office. I have a great job now that is in an office so the working from home part would be great but I am curious what a typical day is like for home office telephonic RN's. Are you on the phone all day long, is there flexibility, do you have breaks in the day where you could pick your kids up from school etc? Tell me about your typical day....I cant decide if this is something I want to do or not. Thanks in advance!


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Hi there... congratulations on your job offer with United Healthcare which I hear is great to work for. I am a case manager for another Ins company and have a home office. It is my first time working from home and was a little worried but it has worked out great. I login in AM, drop my kids off at school on my first morning break. Have lunch when I'm hungry then pick up my kids during my afternoon break. Today I had to unexpectedly step away and get my child at school when the school called because she was sick so I was pleased to have job which allowed me the freedom to do that. I am salaried, is your position salaried or paid hourly? If so, you have more freedom on when you work example: If I work overtime on Monday, I would work less hours on Tuesday. I normally log in about 7:30 and off at 4:30 sometimes a little earlier or later. I am not on the phone all day. I have complex cases so I usually do research on a member/pt for 30 min to an hour then hope to reach them. If so, I can expect a 5 min conversation or an hour. Time seems to pass quickly. You mentioned you have a great office job right now... why are you looking to leave? Oh, what is your case load expected to be? Good luck... sounds like you have some good choices no matter which decision you make:-)

Hi jaqs96,

Thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it! I will be salaried, I know that but I am not sure of the hours I have to be logged on. I am waiting on some scheduled phone calls with some of my potential peers to see what a day is like. I do have a good job now, I was looking for a career change to get more time working from home. I have been with my current employer a long time so the change is very anxiety provoking. I am glad to hear you have flexibility during the day and are not on the phone all day every day. I am not sure about case load but that is a good question to ask for sure. thank you so much for the info! If Anyone else have any info as well that would be awesome! Thanks!

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I wasn't sure how I'd like working at home in my office, but I have discovered I love it beyond anything I could imagine. (I don't do telephonic CM anymore, but I did, and much of my work now is telephonic/computer). Like jaqs96 I am thrilled at the autonomy I have-- kids are grown now but when I had 'em at home I could go to the game or the concert or the teacher conference with ease. I can make a dental appointment or get the car worked on, and drop off the dry-cleaning, or just go for a walk; I forward my phone to my cell when I leave my desk.

My job was based on the concept of, "We don't care when you do it so long as it gets done by deadline." I have friends who have similar arrangements; we are supposed to be instantly available by phone; fair enough, but one has a boss who always seems to call when she's in the bathroom, and then gets annoyed at her-- "Where were you? I called but you didn't answer."

Overall, though, the no nights, no weekends, no holidays and the control over my own time is worth more than a ton of overtime to me. And of course being able to have a nice kitty on my desk, look out the window at the birds, or kiss my sweet husband in passing is pretty nice, too.


Plan to make yourself time for a "coffee break" with a friend or colleague, where you just chat on the phone for ten minutes or so, just to keep connected.

Ask the boss how they do team-building and -maintaining between you all, because it's so important to have relationships with peers to bounce ideas off and get guidance, especially when you're new.

Cultivate good relations with the IT guy (it's almost always a guy) and appreciate the heck out of him-- he will reward you by taking care of the inevitable computer glitches which plague home workers who have to use a company server.

Be careful of snacking...that kitchen is just...right...there, and can get to you. :uhoh3:

Get up and walk at least ten minutes q2h for your BP and your weight:D. And revel in how much money you're saving in cleaning and laundry.:up:


Thanks so much! These stories are very encouraging! Keep them coming!


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GrnTea couldn't have said it any better! None of the telework nurses I work with said they could never imagine going back into a hospital or office... once at home there's no going back:-) ... can you imagine all the gas money you'll be saving.


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I work as a Case Manager for United Health Group. I am a field nurse doing home visits, but a couple days a week, I work from home. I really like United Health Group. They are a very professional company.

They really set you up nicely by furnishing your home home office with a nice desk, filing cabinet, and office chair. They provide you a laptop, a business phone line, and a means of Internet access.

I really like the mixture of field days and office days. If I am in my office a few days, I am itching to get out in the field. If I am out in the field too much, I want a nice quiet day in the office to catch up on my work. It is just the right combination for me.


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I am looking for a change and could use some help doing this. I would love to hear more of how to pick the right company and right job given my experience. Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like what I want to try. Been nursing over 25 years. Need to have some flexibility as with aging parent and aging myself need to sit more than run the concrete floors. Help tell me how to make the change and which companies are safe and best and how to decide which positions would be a good fit for wanting some patient contact yet most or all at home or telemedicine. Thanks for the support during this life change. Kindly overwhelming and worrisome. I know I can do it just want the truth before launching. I don't know a real nurse doing this work. Only the new cyber nurses I am reading posts from. I have even asked friends of friends. Can't find a sole working at home??? Worries me a bit. Please ease my mind.

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Curious. How's the mileage reimbursement for those that travel?

Also, are you paid hourly or on a salary?


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I know you posted this info in 2011, but I was looking at the same position with this company. I was wondering how many home visits you had to do per day, travel distance they sent you, did you have to travel to unsafe areas, etc... I would appreciate any answers. Thanks