So glad I chose Nursing

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    I'm glad I listened to my mom way back then when it came time to decide what to do with my life. I chose nursing knowing I'd have job choices and security. Most importantly, I'd never have to depend on a man or be stuck in a bad marriage. And wouldn't you know it, I ended up in a horrible marriage (to an alcoholic.....imagine that.....but that's a whole new thread). I am divorced now with three kids at home. Being an RN/BSN has allowed me to move almost anywhere, work where I want, the hours I want and with whom I want. Where else can you get hired on the spot?? Most importantly though is the emotional paycheck I get each day I go to work from the kids I work with. I work on a pediatric hematology/oncology unit here in Austin, TX and look forward to my day. I am constantly amazed by these kids and their families (my problems really are that small in comparison). My employer is exceptional....lots of education, freebies and of course, food....ha ha
    I've been a RN now for 18 years and am still learning new things about my profession and about myself too.
    Would I do it again? A definately yes.

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    Hi Liz,

    I just wanted to thank you for your POSITIVE, and clearly, sincere post on your thoughts on nursing. It's great to hear that you enjoy your job so much, and that you think of your choice to enter nursing as such a good idea. I'm entering a nursing program here in Philadelphia in June, and I must say I have my doubts sometimes (this will be a second bachelor's for me) when I hear some of the negativity that gets thrown around. Your message was just what I needed to read!!

    thanks again,

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    Hi Louise,

    I'm glad that you we're encouraged by my "rambling thoughts". You will find negativity most anywhere and it can be infectious if you're not careful. The trick is to be the thermostat rather than the thermometer. I personally enjoy having new grads on the floor...their enthusiasm is contagious and breathes new life into a workplace. Good luck in your studies and keep in touch.

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    Yes, I would still recommend nursing as a career choice for any person who believes they would make a good nurse. It's a wonderful profession that I have no regrets for becoming a part of, and one of these golden days, I will return with just as much passion for the job as I had when I first started in the field.
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    You go Liz! I am glad to call you a colleague!


    Most importantly, I'd never have to depend on a man or be stuck in a bad marriage.

    Oh my.. many of us can relate to that one!

    Glad you are on the team of nursing!

    Have a great weekend! TGIF!

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    Yes, we could start a whole new thread on not being dependent on a man for a living. Oh wait.....I think I will.

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    How wonderful to read a positive spin on the nursing career. While I understand that this is a place to vent, it can be a little scary for me, as one who's just about to start nursing school. Reading about the bad is worthwhile and has helped to give me a good perspective, but it's uplifting to read the good. It encourages me that I've made the right choice for my career change.
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    As a Staff Development Educator who is not out in the "trenches" every day, I try to remain sensitive to my colleagues who are. Maybe it's easier for me to be positive about nursing in my role, but it is so important for all of us to try to remember the good things about our profession, and that if we continue to tear it and each other up, we will HAVE no colleagues next to us in the future. It gets discouraging to hear that the Orientees I have worked hard to get started have left in less than a year because the unit orientation was cut short, or staff were negative, rude or "clique-y". We need to look at the big picture--new staff and students are our future! Thanks to all of you for your positivity.
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    Sounds exciting to me..I am hoping to be a nurse someday and your post just gives me even more encouragement to want to be one.I am so glad you love your job and you sound so very happy!! I hope you continue to enjoy and love your job in the near future
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    I am glad to find some positive outlooks here. The negative can be a little daunting and scary. I start a program in Portland OR in August and have been rather nervous. It is good to know that there is still some support out there. Good luck to all who are starting down the path, may we all make it through the next few years with our sanity!

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