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THE QUESTION IS: WHEN IS IT "TIME"? I know a lot of you will think this is ludicrous judging by my age, but I feel as if i need some serious advice about this. I'll give you guys the story in a nutshell.. i graduated last... Read More

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    well i made a solid decision after a good 5 year career as a staff accountant and now i am a assistant controller fo a large electrial company. i decided i wanted to get inot nursing because i needed more then sitting in front of a computer 10 hours a day crunching numbers and making my boss happy becuase he made money. i need to get out of this shell and do something that will make me feel better as a person so i decided to get into nursing. this wasnt a cold jump in the pond for me though, i thought long and hard for 5 months before i sent my application to go back to school to get my pre-req's out of the way for the nursing program.

    i asked my friend who are RN's how they like it and i did alot fo research on job availability when i do graduate.

    i am currently taking 4 classes, chemistry, Anatomy & Phisiology, A&P lab, human development. and on top of this i work 50 hours a week and i have no children and i have hardly any bills. i live with my girl friends parents and this way i can save alot of money when i finally give my 2 weeks notice to my current job. but my 2 weeks notice will come only when i get accpeted to teh nursing program, if i dont get accpeted i will continue to work.

    teh best things for you to do is think really hard, because it is your life. also think about commitment and motivation, because your gonna need alot lot fo those two things whe your in school.

    i am already set to not go to work for 2 years while i am attending nursing school, i saved up alot fo money. also because i have hardly any bills or children i will save more money so i can get ready for teh hard road ahead.

    i am thinking though, if i get all of my pre-req and co-req's out of teh way the when i get into nursing school all i will be doing are nursing classes and clinicals so i will probably get a job as a night waiter or somethign like that.


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