RNs leaving Nursing?

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    Hi all,

    I have been a nurse for a year, and I still haven't found a job that will actually help me gain nursing experience (have worked as CPR instructor and am now placing TB tests). I am so discouraged (as I know many of you are!), and I am seriously contemplating leaving the nursing field. It is very sad to think of because I felt like this was my calling and my passion. I just don't know what to do anymore. I was curious if any of you have thought about leaving nursing, and if so, what profession are you looking to enter? Thanks for your input!
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    Have you been looking for hospital job? Since you like nursing, maybe continue to look for job while working as your current job for cash?
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    Try home healthcare. It's not a ton of experience but it's something on ur resume which may trigger the hospitals to take a second look. That's what I did.
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    From my personal experience, leaving nursing is one hell of a task... especially with all the loans to pay back... hmmm... and i myself have tried to pursue many careers, but fresh careers related to nursing but not really nursing are pretty much hard to find... its better to introspect and follow your passion... but getting a fresh start is pretty tough challenge... I'm a RN who did medical transcription for about an year, then came back into nursing, now performing part time as radio jockey so that i can sort of contain myself from burnouts... hmmm... Good luck to you buddy
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    Thank you all for replying! Makes me feel like I'm not alone. I do love nursing and consider it my passion- thankfully, no loans to pay back! Just getting discouraged with the lack of opportunity and am afraid 3 years from now, I won't be any closer to having a job, but I'll be four years closer to forgetting everything! Thanks again for the encouragement, everyone. I will keep pressing on and look into the suggestions. Good luck to you all!
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    Hi there! After 3 years of working on the floor I decided that cleaning up blood, poop, pee, vomit, spit, mucus, and god knows what else was not for me. I left the floor and now do cosmetic/aesthetic nursing (Botox, lip injections, etc) and am loving it! Never going back to wiping ass ever again. There are lots of opportunities out there besides acute care . Best of luck.
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    Thank you, rnmama999! I actually interviewed for and would have been hired in a cosmetic nursing role except that I declined....regretting that now! Haha...the way they described the job to me, though, sounded a lot more like a sales job (needing to meet a weekly/monthly upsell target) than a nursing job. Have you ran into that issue where you work? Congrats on being involved in something you love!

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