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Relocating noncompact to compact state

  1. 0 Hi there! New grad MN RN thinking about relocating. All of the jobs Im seeing require my license to be in the state, which makes sense, but I'm wondering if anyone has been successful applying places before their nursing license to that state has gone through.

    Also, MN is a noncompact state. Im not going to move until i have a job. Will this effect my ability to get a compact license if i don't live in a compact state? Any one had experience with this? Ive looked all over the state board website but nothing is clear.

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    If you apply for licensure in a compact state from out of state, you'll get a license for that state; it just won't have "compact privileges" and won't be able to be used to work in any other compact state. Once you relocate to the compact state and are a permanent resident there, your license will have "compact privleges." You cannot get a license with compact privileges without being a resident of the state.
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    Most employers are unwilling to even look at applicants that are not 'good to go' unless it is for a hard-to-fill or management job. There are just too many people clamoring for jobs these days.