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    I've been a nurse for about 15 years. First 6months in psych, next 5 years in sub acute care in a hospital, then the past 10 years in a telemetry unit. Really getting burnt out with the politics, satisfaction surveys, fast pace and high stress!!! Wondering if anyone has input on jobs working for insurance companies as RN. What's the job like? Are there any certifications I should work on? CEU classes? Thanks!

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    You only have to have a BSN and 2 years of floor experience. I've known many who have gone this route. Some love having holidays off with their kids and having normal workday hours. Others I've known couldn't do it very long, as they missed the patient care aspect and truly making a difference. I think it might be something to consider. A change of pace could be just what the doctor ordered.
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    Please see my recent reply to the thread on the Case Manager section. Every company's requirements are different.
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    I currently work for an insurance company as a case manager. You don't have to have a BSN at my company, but it's preferred. I only had 1 year of bedside experience total, the rest was psych and quality management.

    The insurance industry is, in my opinion, the best place for nurses. I work a normal work-week, normal hours, get holidays off, and have a manager that supports me. My benefits are great also, I get regular raises and bonuses. My job is simple....I go to member's homes and assess them for Medical Daycare or homemaker services. I do between 10-12 visits per week, the rest of the time I stay home and make calls or finish the paperwork (all computerized).

    I telecommute; I have co-workers I have never met in person. I haven't seen my supervisor in months. Everything, even staff meetings, are done by either phone or webinar.

    If you're tired of being treated like crap and being stressed, try insurance companies.
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    This sounds good, are you able to mention the company you now work for? How did you enter case management? I have 11 years acute care experience and a BSN. Thanks,
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    Hi BeachRN,

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention which company it is, but I can say it's a very large They have commercials all the time.

    I just started this job a few months ago. Prior to that, I worked for another insurance company as a quality auditor. I was looking for something different and went on my current job's website and applied for case manager, didn't think they would call me back. After all, I had no case management experience and minimal bedside experience.

    My advice is to just apply. Apply to all the insurance companies, even if it's in another part of the state you're in because most allow you to work from home after training.

    I hope this helps...if you would like more info, pm me and I can tell you more.
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    Thanks for the info everyone. After researching some job positions on some websites I'm trying to get a grip on the different TYPES of case managers! lol...... Danianna, seems like you have found a great position; that sounds like something I would like too.
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    Case Management is a rapidly growing specialty - even on the provider side. Acute care facilities are ramping up case management in order to ensure that they are delivering the most effective care. This is going to be the only way to (economically) survive as reimbursement cuts continue to occur.

    There are also "insurance" jobs related to providing services. I have an acquaintance (ex ICU nurse) who performs 'executive physicals' for a major provider.
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    Hi Danianna,You are so fortunate to have found a job like that. Can i pm you to find out about the company? Thanks

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