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hi, i'm definitely shopping around for a new career in human services, moving over from the technology sector. i want to do something meaningful, which is also going to pay me a living wage. I was pursuing an MA in Counseling... Read More

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    One will never know if they are meant for nursing until they try it....much like any other occupation. Give it a whirl! What do you have to lose?

    I love being a's just the political BS that gets most of us nurses, and I don't swallow BS well. I'm like the babies kristi takes care of.....I burp it all back as soon as its fed to me. :chuckle
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    thanks!!! the body fluids thing is a huge hangup it's coming up now in my current job (mental health services) so i dunno what i'm going to do, except go to my boss and tell him i am stymied because i love the work but i didn't know changing diapers and cleaning up excrement was part of the job description, which evidently it is.