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Other Rewarding Careers Beside Nursing

  1. 0 I want to be a nurse but in case it doesn't work out for me.... I would like a career where I will always have a job despite whether the economy is bad or good. I would love a career helping others and with great pay. Are there any careers in the medical field that's not hands on (bedside care) such as (pharmacy) where you're helping others and in contact with people on a daily basis or are there any careers out there period helping others with advancement and good pay? I just want a career I love with helping others and making a difference in their lives while learning more new things and advancing in my career as well. I want a career where if there's a govt shutdown and the economy, my career will not be affected by it. Any suggestions would be of great help!!!!
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    There are literally ZERO professions that are not affected by the economy in some way, nursing included. Nursing has been hugely affected by the failing economy. You won't have to read far on this website to see that. The idea that nursing and other healthcare positions are unaffected by economics is a lie. Every single company out there, from hospitals to churches to charity groups and etc have to stay in business. This means every single company out there has to pay attention to money (read here: make more than they spend). Which means every single company out there faces times when they have to change how money is spent. This, in turn, affects jobs, through job elimination, changed hiring practices, changes in compensation, etc. There literally are no jobs that are completely unaffected by government, politics and economics. None. Nada. Zilch.

    What you are saying is that you want great pay, great job security, not having to do anything yucky (like bedside care), advancement opportunities, doing good for the world and being valued for that...Did I get it all? If you find this mythical "job" I think a lot of us would like to know what it is.

    Every profession has its downsides, challenges and unpalatable portions. This is why people get paid to do them. All you can do is look at all of the ups and downs of each and choose one you think you would be most inclined to tolerate the downsides for the amount of money that is offered.

    Good luck in your education.
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    Repossession companies do great in a bad economy!!!!!
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    LOL! That's what I call "out of the box" thinking.... Way to go CP2013!!!
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    It is called winning the lottery and being a volunteer......
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    Quote from HouTx
    LOL! That's what I call "out of the box" thinking.... Way to go CP2013!!!
    Well you could use therapeutic communication to convince people to give up their car/boat/plane, etc. There are tons of repo shows on tv now and I can only imagine how much money people owe and how many missed payments there are. I feel sorry for people.

    However if you really want a bad recession career, then repossession is where it's at!
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    Repo folks don't do so hot when the economy is good.
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    Quote from not.done.yet
    Repo folks don't do so hot when the economy is good.
    That's why repo should be a back up career. Heard a guy was a stock broker at one point in his life, then became a bounty hunter and now does repo and says he makes more than being a stock broker. Just saying you can always pick up a second career if you want recession proof.

    When I saw some guy get $300,000 for repossessing a boat that took him all of a week to track down and return to the bank, I realized I've been doing something wrong in my life. Essentially he has endless potential for as many repo's as he is willing to challenge. Sure not everyone makes that but he says he has steady thousands every month. And if you get one repo for that price...why not take the rest of the year off?
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    If you want something where the pay isn't good but you have a survival wage, then consider working as a CNA/ PCA or pt care tech. The pay is not fabulous-- but you can survive with it-- and you could find work relatively easily.

    If you are a good student then take all the required courses to be a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist.
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    Honestly- anyone who can repair cars with some skill has a recession-proof job.

    Don't know about you- but my mechanic IS in a helping profession IMHO.
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Honestly- anyone who can repair cars with some skill has a recession-proof job. Don't know about you- but my mechanic IS in a helping profession IMHO.
    Well unfortunately auto mechanics isn't recession proof, either. My husband just got out of that field. You would think that people always need their cars repaired, however if people don't have the money, they end up walking, taking the bus or riding their bikes to get where they need to go.
    I don't think any profession can have all positives all the time. It's just not how life works.

    On the other hand, I did like the idea of multiple professions in different fields to balance out your lifestyle =) very smart!
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    Dental technician. They make dentures and retainers. Only like 5% job growth according to BLS but they exist for sure. Pay is like 35-40k.
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    Oh, also funeral director. Only a 2 year degree, you can do it all online at SPC. Just have to find a funeral home to do clinicals if you don't live close to tampa area. Starting pay is 55k ish. You can work either as the guy who meets with families or as the embalmer. Both are scopes of a funeral director.