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I have now been a nurse for 3 yrs and have worked in 3 different places. Most recently I took I job I thought I would love, some days are good but about 75% of the time I get no breaks and end up staying after work. I also work... Read More

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    Okay if you want to teach than just do it, but "less stressful" HA HA!!! I have taught 3rd and 1st grade and I can tell you all it's one of the hardest jobs in the world. You have no nights or weekends off because you are spending your "free time" making centers, lessons, data, and grading about 700 papers (7 subjects x 20 students x 5 days a week= 700 papers). Oh parents will call you 24/7 at dinner time or 10 pm or 6 in the morning on weekends! Summer is nice, but you are planning your future curriculum and going to professional developments. And you don't slap things on a calendar. You have to use standards and tools. Then your evaluated based on how you teach. You can't teach relaxed, it's all hard core teaching now. I'm so tired!!! I love teaching children because I love the feeling you get when a child learns something new, but personally...when I come home I want to leave work at work. I want that balance between home life and work life. I am married don't have children, but I don't want to teach or model this type of lifestyle to my future kids. It's not fair to my family. So anyone wanting to be a teacher, really research it! I am switching to do what I wanted to do in the first place, nursing! I know nurses have stressful types too, but teaching is life consuming.

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    I'm currently a pre-nursing student and I really would love to get the best of both worlds with teaching and being a nurse. I know there are the options of being a school nurse and such, but I'm not sure if that's the right fit for me. I was wondering if it's possible to be a nurse on the side and a elementary school teacher? I want to work at a Catholic elementary school like where I grew up in.
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    I just finished my master's in special education and all the jobs I can get are for $39,000 with a case load of 30. That's a lot of students to check on each day/week and to write progress reports on. I also went into teacher for job security and health insurance which is a really stupid reason. I enjoy working with the kids but not teaching itself. Should I get out now?
    I am thinking about going into nursing but I am so scared of wasting my time. A full year (maybe two) and then not getting into a nursing school. I took A&P as a 17-19 year old and got Cs. But I didn't really study much. That was the only science class I took in college. I would need to take A&P again along with Chemistry, Microbiology, and Biology. I am 24 now, can I do it? I need advice. I am so scared about failing that I'm making myself sick.
    Any advice would be great.

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