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Nurses who never worked in the hospital? - page 2

Hi, I recently just graduated from nursing school and I am taking my NCLEX very soon. During the process of applying for jobs, I was wondering if there were any nurses out there who never even worked... Read More

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    All of your comments are really, really helpful. Thank you so much again for all of the advice and for sharing your stories!
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    I spent a year in LTC, another year in sub-acute/medical rehab and now I'm a homecare supervisor in a senior's lodge. I have no desire to work in a hospital.
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    I've always wondered why nursing schools tend to push the idea that hospitals are the main place nurses work. Even my LPN school focused on acute care nursing, even though they knew full well none of us would be working in one. Schools should really try to offer clinicals in other settings.
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    Hey! After I graduated last year, all I wanted was a hospital gig. When that didn't work out and I started looking elsewhere, I took a job at a derm office and I love it. I really feel like I lucked out with it, no weekends or holidays, a supportive staff, decent pay, benefits.. most importantly work generally stays at work. Best of luck to whatever you find !
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    I worked at a hospital for 2 weeks as a new grad and legit, hated every minute of it. Since then I have done only peds in various settings - camp, rehab, LTC, hospice and home care. I don't like hospitals and there is only one type of hospital position I would take because otherwise, I know I wouldn't be happy.

    My instructors told us med surg all the way as well...and it isn't for some people. I have gained skills that many of my classmates don't have because I haven't worked in a place that has medical support 24/7

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    I have never worked in a hospital. I kind of went backwards and stayed in a SNF. I regret it. I have gotten used to it and the pay is >$100,000 without a degree. I guess it depends on the person. But I think everyone should work at least 2 years in a hospital.

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    Quote from gmondina
    I have never worked in a hospital. I kind of went backwards and stayed in a SNF. I regret it. I have gotten used to it and the pay is >$100,000 without a degree. I guess it depends on the person. But I think everyone should work at least 2 years in a hospital.Sent from my iPhone using
    Two questions:Why is working in a SNF a "step backwards" and what SNF pays any nurse over 100 grand?!
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    Hey! Did the the derm office hire you even without prior experience?
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    How did you like LTC and hospice? I'm kind of afraid working in LTC just because you're pretty much on your own with 20-30 residents along with LPNs and CPAs of course, but I just don't feel ready to be in charge! lol
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    Yes. In fact, before I was hired another lady I graduated with began working there (probably 2 months before) and about a year before that they had hired another new grad.
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    My nursing school also pushed the two year med/surg in a hospital setting theory. However, they did not inform us that hospitals were not interested in ADNs. After graduating in 2010, I am still searching for an RN position, as are a lot of my class mates. I am still hopeful that I will find a nursing position eventually.
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    I have been told COUNTLESS times that new grads should work in Med-Surg for a couple of years so that they will have a more rounded experience, however I have known several nurses who went right into the medical office setting upon graduation from nursing school and none of them have the desire to work in the hospital setting either. This is mostly due to the fact that they want the stable schedule. These are ladies that I have worked with at a general surgery practice, an orthopedic practice, and OB/GYN office. I've also known a few that have worked in various other settings that never worked in the hospital.

    Depending on your area and the needs in your particular hospital you may or may not have an easy time getting into the hospital as a new grad.
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    I'm a newbie and I don't know what msn stands for, at first I thought, Oh! ok msn, I have that on my computer.