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Hi, I recently just graduated from nursing school and I am taking my NCLEX very soon. During the process of applying for jobs, I was wondering if there were any nurses out there who never even worked in the hospital or applied... Read More

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    Never worked in a hospital. Worked in skilled nursing facilities on the skilled (rehab) floors. They are what hospital med surg used to be: 2 to 3 day post op CABGs, joint replacements, post CVA / MIs etc. They require lots of interventions and good assessments but the ratios are higher than the hospitals ever were! Most SNFs the patient:nurse ratio is 20-30:1. Also did home health with pediatric trach/vents. Now I am working as a hospice nurse for the past 9 years, 7 years at the inpatient unit and 2 years in the field. Love it so much...can't imagine going anywhere else!
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    Quote from cannonball59
    Wow, thank you so much everyone for sharing!

    CrunchRN - Might I ask if it is possible to be hired in a clinic setting as a new grad? If not, how would I get the experience needed besides a hospital setting? Or how can I get any experience needed if I were to work in the hospital at all for that matter since 1-2 years of experience is required? I'm just confused on how this all should work for a new grad with zero experience. Would I have to keep trying to continue to find a new grad opening? Thank you so much!
    I graduated almost 2 years ago with my RN, BSN and went directly to work at a clinic. I love my job and almost everything about it. I did work in a hospital as a PCT throughout nursing school. I dont think it is necessary for all nurses to have hospital experience,especially if the hospital is not where you want to be. Most of my instructors told us that we needed to get at least a year of med-surg under our belts. There were a few that didnt think that though. Find an area that you enjoy and try to get a job in that area. If you can't well you just may have to find something that you dont enjoy as much and wait for an opening.
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    I am a recent grad and never worked at a hospital. I was lucky and got a great job as a public health nurse our county's health department. My work primarily involves home visits and office work helping child with chronic medical conditions. I also help with the children's immunization program. It's really great--no nights, no weekends, no holidays and 8 hour shifts. In school I knew I never wanted to work in a hospital. I just didn't think I'd be great at it due to personal medical issues. The only way I was even considered for this job was because I networked and met a registered sanitarian from my previous child care center who also works for the county.
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    All of your comments are really, really helpful. Thank you so much again for all of the advice and for sharing your stories!
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    I spent a year in LTC, another year in sub-acute/medical rehab and now I'm a homecare supervisor in a senior's lodge. I have no desire to work in a hospital.
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    I've always wondered why nursing schools tend to push the idea that hospitals are the main place nurses work. Even my LPN school focused on acute care nursing, even though they knew full well none of us would be working in one. Schools should really try to offer clinicals in other settings.
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    Hey! After I graduated last year, all I wanted was a hospital gig. When that didn't work out and I started looking elsewhere, I took a job at a derm office and I love it. I really feel like I lucked out with it, no weekends or holidays, a supportive staff, decent pay, benefits.. most importantly work generally stays at work. Best of luck to whatever you find !
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    I worked at a hospital for 2 weeks as a new grad and legit, hated every minute of it. Since then I have done only peds in various settings - camp, rehab, LTC, hospice and home care. I don't like hospitals and there is only one type of hospital position I would take because otherwise, I know I wouldn't be happy.

    My instructors told us med surg all the way as well...and it isn't for some people. I have gained skills that many of my classmates don't have because I haven't worked in a place that has medical support 24/7

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    I have never worked in a hospital. I kind of went backwards and stayed in a SNF. I regret it. I have gotten used to it and the pay is >$100,000 without a degree. I guess it depends on the person. But I think everyone should work at least 2 years in a hospital.

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    Quote from gmondina
    I have never worked in a hospital. I kind of went backwards and stayed in a SNF. I regret it. I have gotten used to it and the pay is >$100,000 without a degree. I guess it depends on the person. But I think everyone should work at least 2 years in a hospital.Sent from my iPhone using
    Two questions:Why is working in a SNF a "step backwards" and what SNF pays any nurse over 100 grand?!

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