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If I finished my BSN, and went straight to doing an MSN Educator program without any clinical/work experience, once I finish my MSN Ed, would I ever be hired as a teacher in community colleges or... Read More

  1. by   Whispera
    What's your higher degree done outside the US? I have a high degree in education but that doesn't qualify me to teach nursing. My experience in nursing is what gives me that qualification.

    If you have a medical degree or nursing degree from your home country, that includes experience, then you're qualified, it seems. Then you can go talk to those that hire and explain how you're different, and they might give you a chance to teach. They're the ones to talk to.
  2. by   mookyjoe
    Get experience before completing CNE degree. Know how? Go to a community college and see if they need instructors to teach things like first-aid, nutrition, etc. Nurses are qualified to teach those so long as you have a Bachelor's minimally. Sometimes classes are only a few hours one day a week. This will give you the chance to get your feet wet and see if teaching is really where you're heart is. Just sayin.'
  3. by   MJB2010
    OP I am wondering if you are leaving something out here. Something seems to be missing. What country did you complete your degree in? What kind of degree do you have? Have you or are you able to sit for the nclex here in the states? All the hands off stuff you have done, where did you do it? Was this in clinical while in school? Please elaborate and maybe we can offer some more advice.