new LPN burned out and give up nursing

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    i can really use an advice. i am a new graduate lpn and i'm so stressed out at work. no nurses wanted to orientate me so they keep pushing me to another nurse to another nurse and i ended up being orientating with one nurse who was willing to orientate me, but now she is getting impatient with my stupidicity. one day i heard her saying to another nurse that she has only few more days to orientate me. on top of being so overwhelmed with the work and not knowing what the hell i'm doing, i feel like such a burden. i just hate going to work knowing i'm nothing but a burden. on top of that i have no idea what the hell i'm doing. i feel so stupid for not knowing what i'm doing. i cant do anything independently, i keep clinging to my preceptor to tell me what to do, i can't make any decisions for myself on what to do with my patients. all i can do is just take orders from my preceptor and just do what she told me to do. sometimes my preceptor would tallk to other nurses about what i did wrong when i'm in front of her listening to her converstation so i can feel even more stupid. i cant blame anybody or my preceptor for my stress. i can understand why they are frustrated. whenver i dont know anything i cant say "uhh because i just graduated". i know they expect me to have a basic skills that i have to able to practice independently without asking for help all the time. during the whole shift, i keep asking myself "why am i doing this?". and i tell myself that i've chosen a wrong career and i should give up nursing. i just cant take this any more. i think i'm not meant to become a nurse and i know i can never provide a safe care to my patients. i just know i cant handle this job and i know i cant never handle the responsiblity of my patients. there is nobody at my work who i can openly talk to someone about this because i know i'm not wanted there and i dont want to talk to my supervisor about this because i feel like i'm whinning and i feel like i want people to pity me and i dont want any pity from anybody. should i quit the nursing career? i dont know how to decide whether i should try a little more or i should say enough is enough and i should let it go. please help!!!
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  3. by   canoehead
    To whoever works at this facility- Way to go killing off our baby nurses! Jerks.

    I'm sorry you have to put up with this, know that this is not your fault. I suggest going to the supervisor and finding yourself someone who WANTS to train a new nurse immediately. If they can't find someone, then move on. You are more valuable than they can imagine, and there are facilities that will treat you with respect and mentor you through the tough new grad period. You deserve that type of orientation, so go out and find it.
  4. by   ADNCyn
    Oh my goodness, that really stinks. If I may offer my opinion, and your post is indiscriminate of the type of replies...Pray!!! Pray!!! Pray!!! and if that doesn't work Pray harder!!! And listen for what GOD has to say. Let me offer you this, "I know I can't ..., I know I couldn't">>get it out of your vocabulary. You are competent or you wouldn't have made it this far. Believe this, some nurses seem to think that he/she are the only ones who should be nurses, SHAKE THE HATERS OFF!!! WHEREVER THEY MAY BE OR WHOEVER THEY MAY BE. May GOD bless you, seek HIM for all things, trust HIM for all things, believe HIM for all things. Now, stop and look to your left, now your right, above you, below you... GOD's there, if you didn't see HIM, keep seeking.
  5. by   Blackcat99
    I'm sorry to hear how badly you are being treated by the nurses. It's not right. Unfortunately, every job nursing or non-nursing seems to have people who are just plain "mean-spirited". In order to feel good about themselves they have to put down others. They are truly "pathetic" nurses. Yes talk to your supervisor. That's a great idea. Don't give up. Just hang in there and do your best. Don't let these "jerks" run you off. :angryfire
  6. by   robynhood
    Find another job. It's not worth the stress. If you need to start out in a SNF or even a doctor's office. A less stressful job can build your confidence then you can move on to a different setting. All those nurses were once where you are now. And the post from the person who suggested that you pray, pray, pray DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!