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I have been reading through these threads and haven't seen an answer to this question. I know that it is tough to get a new grad RN position and some say they are still looking after a year post... Read More

  1. by   fotero
    My understanding is that nurse recruiters work for the facility recruiting nurses to work for them. It seems like they are the first level of screening before your application goes to the HR.

    Any ideas out there?
  2. by   ORRocksRN
    Does anyone have input on which RN to BSN programs are good? It seems most of them are online, so it could be done from anywhere. With the crap job market out there, what I thought was the end of my schooling now looks to be just the beginning....I just want to start working!!!! I am sick to death of school, but if it keeps me from defaulting on my loans, then I HAVE to keep going. Blahhhhhh.

    any thoughts on RN to BSN programs? thanks.
  3. by   Daffodil08
    This is all great input. I have a similar question..I graduated in December 2009 (BSN) and passed the NCLEX in February..I would like to take some time off to find the right position. I know the market is tight right now, however, I am willing to wait rather than take a position that might not be the best fit..I was wondering how long past graduation is I guess too long to wait. I am giving myself a year, but want to remain an attractive applicant to employers. Anyone here wait a year or so before working as an RN after passing the boards? Or, does anyone have insight on waiting a while after graduation and how that may affect future employment as an RN? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you
  4. by   Daffodil08
    It really depends on where you want to work and the type of organization as to who will be the first person to contact and screen you..I think for larger organizations it is HR and in smaller organizations, it is the DON or Nurse Manager..That's been my experience. Hope that helps!
  5. by   jlcole45
    This too will come to pass.... I know its frustrating but the jobs will open up.
  6. by   SunshineRN79
    Same here i graduated in December 09 and passed the Nclex February. Still searching. Even the folks who work as CNA's have not been able to gain a job at their specific hospital. I am kinda at a loss here. i KNOW this too will pass however when it does "pass" we will be well "passed" our clinical experience and then what?? Its so upsetting. I wrote a letter to the Senator's of my state. i will post it here. They need to get MORE programs for new grads. I can tell you that in 10 years the nursing shortage will get worse. If you go to a MedSurg floor right now look at how overworked the nurses are!! We need less patient load and if that means taking less money then so be it! It is not a fair situation to have RN's overworked while WE are searching for a position and would take LESS MONEY for training!! So frustrating!! LOOK for my post!
  7. by   NovatoRN
    I'm slowly becoming "stale" but I figure I have to target my activities on what will make my resume stand out from the rest. So I am doing a nurse residency program at a local hospital sponsored by the local junior college's work experience department. I get to work on my skills for the next 10 weeks, pretend I am working for pay and hopefully there will be a job somewhere after this. I love doing it despite the fact that there's no pay but at least I get to finally do what I trained for.
  8. by   fotero
    Hi NovatoRN,

    May I ask you where are you taking this RN residency program, where are you located?, are you paying to taking this program? I am in San Diego area and I am looking for a program like this, I am willing to pay for it. I agree with you we have to keep our resume up getting as much training as we can.

    Thanks in adavance for your reply.
  9. by   NovatoRN
    I am up in Marin County across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. There are 2 programs up here: Samuel Merritt University in Oakland and Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa. Samuel Merritt charges a $50 application fee if accepted and the junior college is more expensive at $85 for background check and over $110 for tuition/units/fees. Both of these schools are doing it because of the lack jobs for us new grads. Check out the nursing schools down your way and see what they are doing for their new grads. Both of these programs take all new grads regardless of where you went to school. Samuel Merritt though is particular about where you reside and it must be in one of the adjoining/adjacent counties.
  10. by   JasonGCA
    I have looked into the several different schools out there and I recommend Chamberlain School of Nursing. Look them up online. They a totally online RN-BSN fast track option that can be done in one year, or less depending on how many classes you take and what courses you have already taken. I think they are the best option. I start in July. I can not find work either. How can you get experience if no one wants to hire a new grad!
  11. by   pers
    There are clinical refresher courses available to nurses looking to reenter the field after an extended absence, I imagine something like that is an option even for someone without experience. I considered it (out of school 11 years before getting my license) but there weren't any in my area and the closest ones all required a license which I didn't have at the time. I didn't take a refresher after getting licensed as I was offered a position even without it.
  12. by   hecallsmeDuchess
    Usually, I'm upbeat but today I'm just so depressed and down especially after I read an email from one of the places I applied to saying that I didn't fit what they were looking for. I can't even count how many have told me that and I still don't know what it is they are looking for or if they even read the resume and application I filled. I'm just so annoyed and I just can't stop crying (yea, I know it won't help) but I've begun to feel like failure and that feeling just sucks. I don't know what else to do.
  13. by   dani79
    wow-I'm glad I'm not alone in what I'm going through I guess, but I never thought I'd be here-jobless after a year- when I finally got accepted into nursing school after trying so hard and waiting so long to get in- I graduated last May. I can't even count how many applications I've sent in and how many rejections I've received. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've started looking into RN refresher courses as well and I took a volunteer position at hospital- but it's so degrading- I bring people juice and pick up their meal trays I'm an RN... GEEZ I shouldn't have to be doing this. I don't know what to do anymore- I'm so discouraged and very very frustrated like the rest of you.