New Grad Needs Advice. Stay in FL or move home to ME to work.

  1. I am at a nursing crossroads and unsure of which way to go. I graduated from nursing school in May of this year with no prior healthcare experience other than student clinicals. After passing my boards in Maine shortly thereafter I moved to Florida to be close to my sister and her young family. My goal all along has been to obtain my nursing license then move so I can be present while my niece and nephew grow up. My biggest fear is that I will not be able to find a job for the following reasons: I am a new nurse, I have no prior healthcare experience, I have no connections or network to help find employment, and I went to school outside of Florida. I have submitted many job applications at local hospitals, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, and school nurse positions. It has been a few weeks since I submitted these applications. I know that it may take time for the paperwork to be pushed through and I am not expecting an instant reply. However, two of the hospitals have already rejected my applications stating that they are going with more qualified candidates. How long do I continue to submit applications and wait for an interview before I should seriously start to consider making a move back to Maine where I can utilize a network, my nursing program's excellent reputation is well known, and I can begin gaining experience as a Registered Nurse? I don't want to throw the towel in too soon but I also need to be realistic and recognize that student loans are going to go back in to repayment in the near future. Has anyone been in this situation at the start of his or her nursing career? If so, do you have any advice? Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    Did you apply for jobs in ME, too? Do which ever makes it easier to find a job. If those kids are really young, they really will not remember your presence when they are older. So, get experience, then you can move back.
  4. by   LRoth
    I would apply in ME too if there is more of a need, to get experience in, which would make your job hunt easier anywhere. I also think that they will start to staff up in FL at the end of the summer into the fall. I am pretty sure that FL has a cycle because of the snowbirds of having to staff up for the fall and winter and then staff down in the spring and summer. I'm not sure if that is as true as it has been when the economy was booming, but it's worth keeping an eye on.
  5. by   Lola Lou
    Thanks for the feedback LRoth and wish_me_luck. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that this plan that I have had for years may need to change. I think that is what is hardest for me to deal with at the moment. That and the fact that I will be moving another 1700 miles in the opposite direction that I drove just a little over 2 months ago. I have not applied for jobs in Maine as of today. But I have been searching and there are openings in four hospitals that I could potentially work at. All emotions aside the logical part of me says to apply in Maine asap and if I get a job go back for the experience. The longer I'm delayed gaining experience where ever I live will just prolong attaining my goal of supporting myself and enjoying my niece and nephew. Ahhh the troublesof being an adult...
  6. by   scott5698
    If finances are tight, i wouldn't move until you have some sort of commitment. I'd hate to see you pay to move everything back to ME only to find you don't get hired there either...Keep plugging in both areas. I'm in a similar situation, but I can't move the family. I'm 50 with a prior career that apparently doesn't count for anything (maturity anyone?) and can't a response either.
  7. by   Lola Lou
    You're absolutely right Scott. It would not be smart of me to move just to be in that same position once I'm up there. I will begin applying for jobs in ME in the coming days. The hardest part will probably be telling my sister my change of plans. Good luck with your search as well!
  8. by   Ginger's Mom
    Couple of suggestions, have you looked at SNF or Home Health ? For skilled nursing and home health, I would submit my application in person. I would continue to apply both places, Good luck.
  9. by   Lola Lou
    Since I last commented on this thread a lot has changed. Within a week of applying to jobs in Maine I had three interviews scheduled. That was enough to boost my spirits and push me to make the decision to move home. I completed my third interview this afternoon. It went well...I think. I still have applications out at two hospitals that I have not heard back from so hopefully there is a possibility there as well. Thanks again for the suggestions and support. I'll write again if/when (fingers crossed) I get a job offer.
  10. by   Lola Lou
    I'm so happy and relieved to say that I was offered a FT days position on Med/Surg. I just got word today so I'm still in disbelief.
  11. by   FireMedicFlightRN
    Great news. Good luck.