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FF/PM, Fixed Wing Flight Medic, Commercial Medic

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  1. FireMedicFlightRN

    U.S. Nurse moving to Sweden

    Where in Sweden? There are other opportunities available in Sweden or any European country for RN with us credentials. Let me know if I can help.
  2. FireMedicFlightRN

    Nursing in Thailand

    Thailand has many opportunities as it's a hotspot for med tourism at the moment. Let me know if I can help.
  3. FireMedicFlightRN

    Immigrations and Customs

    I have done many repats. Nothing with ICE however. Brush up on the espanol and go for it.
  4. FireMedicFlightRN

    Flight Nurse Advice

    Is what you are wanting to do a fixed wing or rotor wing service?
  5. FireMedicFlightRN

    need advice

    Go see an advisor. Good luck.
  6. FireMedicFlightRN

    New Grad Needs Advice. Stay in FL or move home to ME to work.

    Great news. Good luck.
  7. FireMedicFlightRN

    When do your fall classes start?

    Starts the 19th.
  8. FireMedicFlightRN

    Getting the hang of IVs...

    The key to IVs is patience. Especially in the hospital setting where time is not always critical. I have been a medic for almost 10 years now working FD on the street, ERs, and now in the air. Working in the ER was the best way to dial in my IV skills since every Tom, dick, and Harry will get labs drawn. In this environment patience and confidence are key. Try to use 2 tourniquets if needed. Nice little trick. And when you get good at them by visualization, then work on them and get good at them by feel. That is one skill that I can say I have extreme confidence in. You will be fine. Good. Luck.
  9. FireMedicFlightRN

    General chemistry

    Check out if your school offers tutoring in the learning commons. That helped for me. Good luck.
  10. FireMedicFlightRN

    Which of the sciences did you find hardest?

    Hands down Chem was the most difficult for me. Loved A&P.
  11. FireMedicFlightRN

    RN planning to work in Ecuador, any advice ?

    Are you interested in working as a flight RN from Ecuador?