Lucile Packard RN New Grad Residency Fall 2017 - page 5

Hi to all of the applicants for the upcoming Lucile Packard RN Residency program (Starting April 2017). We should be hearing back soon about moving on to the panel round of interviews. This is just a... Read More

  1. by   L&D Minion
    Hi! Congrats to everyone who has gotten offers! This thread was labeled for this Fall and I was wondering if anyone knew the timeline for the "Fall" cycle of applications? I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks in advance
  2. by   LDNurseOB1
    Hi everyone! Did anyone apply for the residency that will be starting on Sept. 25th 2017? I'd like us all to be able to keep each other updated on statuses and such.
  3. by   3doodle
    I applied. Haven't heard anything. I haven't been able to find a true Fall 2017 thread yet.
  4. by   chocolatebuns
    I started a new LPCH Fall 2017 thread if any one is interested in starting/following there

    Lucile Packard RN Residency September 2017
  5. by   jdeba
    Hello all! I dont know if this thread is still active but I am interested in applying to the LPCH residency new grad RN program this coming Spring of 2018.. I am having a hard time finding alot of information about it other than whats on the careers page with basic overview of the program. I wanted to see if I could get any insight into questions i have like is there someone I can contact to get more info on the program? Is this program separate from the stanford new grad residnecy? Is there a labor and delivery specialty in the LPCH program or is it just pediatrics, NICU etc? when do applications come out and what is the process like? Any info would be appreciated! Hope the best to all who applied 2017!