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  1. I received an offer on Friday.
  2. jgrosso

    Lucile Packard RN New Grad Residency Fall 2017

    Do you remember what types of questions you were asked in your second interview? How was it different from the first?
  3. I have my second interview with the same panel as the first coming up. Has anyone had a second interview with LPCH? What should I expect?
  4. I got an email last week that said I got a second interview, which will be tomorrow.
  5. I am wondering if you even attended Chamberlain, or are just going off reviews of what you have heard or read. Also, did you go for a BSN or ADN? This is such a hard decision!
  6. I want to get my BSN though...
  7. I would actually need to figure out how to find out my GPA since I have one from the college that I got my BS in nutrition (around a 2.3 or 2.4), but have since taken many classes (about 10/12) to raise my grades. All classes that I have taken after graduating I have received A's in. I wonder what my cumulative GPA is.... I see that Ohio State is extremely competitive and hard to get into.
  8. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I don't think that I could get into those other schools because of their GPA requirement. While I have A's in all my prerequisite classes, my overall GPA is not high enough from my first degree.
  9. I am wondering where you read the information about them going out of business and that they are not accredited. From what I have read, they are accredited. I'm really interested in where you have read this, as I haven't and would love to visit whatever site, etc. that you got it from to read it myself! Thanks!
  10. jgrosso

    Chamberlain College of Nursing - Pearland

    I just applied to the Columbus location. How do you like it so far?
  11. jgrosso

    Chamberlain College of Nursing--Miramar Fl

    I am currently waiting to hear back from the Columbus, OH Chamberlain location. I would be moving from California. I am hoping to get some more information about the OH location. I have read a lot of horrible things about it, but also some good. Can you give me some feedback on your experience? Good and bad, please :)
  12. Thanks for your reply. Can you provide some more information about this. Did you attend? What did you like or dislike?
  13. I am thinking about going to Chamberlain College of Nursing in Columbus Ohio. I have read some not so grew things about it, but am from out of state so don't know what to believe or not believe. Any help, advice, or reviews would be great!