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Lucile Packard RN New Grad Residency Fall 2017

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Hi to all of the applicants for the upcoming Lucile Packard RN Residency program (Starting April 2017). We should be hearing back soon about moving on to the panel round of interviews. This is just a place where we can communicate and help keep each other updated. I look forward to hearing from you.

Important Dates:

  • December 2 - December 9, 2016: Notification to applicants of interview and interview schedule
  • January 9 - January 13, 2017: Panel interviews
  • January 13 - January 27, 2017: Final round unit interviews
  • Janaury 16, 2017: Offers will start being extended

So had anyone heard anything yet?

I have not heard anything yet, thank you for the timeline I was wondering when I should be expecting to hear something!


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I have not heard anything either. Has anyone's status changed? Mine still says "submitted".

Hi! I have not heard anything either. What areas did you guys apply to?

I have not heard from them either and my status is "Submitted" as well..

I applied for critical care and OB

Anyone hear back?

I heard Stanford is on a hiring freeze because they went half a billion over budget. Judging by how no one has received a call so far, it's not looking too good. I also applied to Stanford's other new grad program, and people are saying their application statuses have been changed to "consider for the future" :(

Hi all, its sounds like we'll be hearing back December 19th week, there is a high volume of applicants so its taking time to go through everyone.

Havent't heard anything from LPCH yet, but I have heard back from Stanford's HR! So hopefully LPCH will be contacting soon as well :)

They're sending out emails! I have an interview on January 10th

Congrats! What unit are you interviewing for? I hope they send out more emails soon

Thank you ! It's for PICU and I believe they are sending them out all week . Good luck !

hi! congrats on your interview. I was wondering...did your email say specifically PICU? I got an email about interviewing for Critical Care Unit(s) but it didn't say specifically what unit. I'm wondering if it is multiple units like PICU, NICU or CVICU? Anyone know how to tell?

My email said critical units as well . I just assumed because I put PICU as my first choice and peds acute second but it could be all critical units. Congrats on your interview as well !

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has received offers or invitations for second interviews yet? If so, what unit? I know they said we won't hear anything until Jan 17, but looking at previous cohorts some units reach out before then. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

Haven't gotten anything over the weekend. Was hoping yesterday we would hear even though it was a holiday. Fingers crossed today or just soon, getting anxious! haha Let me know when anyone hears anything! Good luck (:

not yet :( I'm still crossing my fingers!

I interviewed on January 10th with the critical care units and I haven't heard anything yet either, but hopefully soon! Best of luck everyone! :)

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