Is this cheating?

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    My college is currently having a problem with academic integrity. My class was taking computerized tests, and a large number of students found that they could go to another computer lab after they finished the test and print it out. The students are now having academic misconduct hearings. I know these students were wrong, but I am surprised that the school considers this so bad that students could be expelled from the program. I thought cheating meant that you got a better grade, or you gave test answers to someone else, and the evidence is that that did not happen. I was just hoping that some nurses could give their views on the issue, because I am wondering whether the instructors' reaction is reflective of a general consensus.


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    So they printed out the answers? Or the blank test? Why did they do this?
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    Having a copy of the test, with or without answers, gives an advantage to those who haven't taken the test but who have seen it. Yes, this is academic dishonesty, and should be dealt with as outlined in the college handbook. If it's a serious enough infraction to warrant expulsion as addressed in the handbook, then they should be expelled. My stance may seem harsh, but nurses are responsible for people's health, wellbeing, and lives. I want to know that my nurse was able to get through school using information learned, not because he or she knew the test questions before answering them and didn't learn enough to practice safely. (And yes, I'm aware there are nurses who never cheated who don't practice safely. I just don't want more of them as a result of cheating.)
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    I definitely agree that students who see the test before taking it have an unfair advantage, and that it is academic dishonesty. However, that isn't really what happened. After taking and submitting the test on a computer, the students in my program printed out the questions, answers, and explanations. It did not affect how they did on the test, because they had already submitted it. Also, they didn't share the test questions or answers with anyone outside the class that had already taken the test.
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    They printed out the test with the answers and explanations. It was because they wanted to compare the test to their notes and figure out what they got wrong, and they wanted to study from the test later on, like for the NCLEX.
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    Quote from antrara
    I thought cheating meant that you got a better grade
    Not necessarily: cheating doesn't always result in better grades. What if you copied the answers off of who turned out to be the worst student in the class?

    Seriously, if the instructors didn't make the test available for everyone to view, then it's academic dishonesty.
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    Many schools do not allow the removal of testing information from the testing room. If instructors reused this test, there are documents floating around for other students to obtain. A test if available to review, is done with the instructor present.

    Don't you think it's dishonest what they did? If it wasn't, teachers would have recommended it, right? They did wrong, they are being held accountable, that's all.
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    If the students felt printing the tests was harmless, why didn't they simply ask the instructor for a copy?
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    A simple test of whether something is right or wrong is whether you'd like to see your picture with an article about the action on the front page of a newspaper.

    Whether the students passed the test on to others or not is immaterial. The possibility of passing it on was there once they made the printout. They knew it was not okay to print the test so how can you trust that everyone is telling the truth when they say they will not pass it on to a friend? A better option would have been to ask the instructor to go over the questions and answers with an explanation of reasoning for the answer.
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    Quote from antrara
    They printed out the test with the answers and explanations. It was because they wanted to compare the test to their notes and figure out what they got wrong, and they wanted to study from the test later on, like for the NCLEX.
    Many schools will only allow tests to be reviewed in the presence of the instructor because they want no chance of paper copies floating around. Some schools use the same test over and over again, year after year. This is why having a copy of the test without approval, regardless of the reason, can be considered academic dishonesty.
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