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im an introvert who is having a hard time only recently. for some reason i know it is hurting me regarding jobs. is psych a good field to go into for an introvert? home care was ok but it seems... Read More

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    This thread has also been very helpful to me. It's been a struggle for me getting so exhausted while in clinicals...I can be friendly somewhat talkative, and optimistic with fellow students at times, but I often find that at some point I have to go into a room alone to breathe and think. I've also been in denial of it for a while, thinking if I just try hard enough it will change. I think it's true that you should flex your social "muscles" and work on improving your skills, but if it's just too draining then accept it. I'm going to look into these job suggestions for introverted nurses, because I have yet to find my niche that I will actually feel comfortable with and enjoy day to day. I thought I wanted to be in psych at first because I feel I make connections and am very good at helping people feel comfortable and that they aren't being judged. Then I shifted to thinking about rehabilitation, because I could have lots of one-on-one interactions with patients. Now thinking differently because I'm accepting that I'm a bit of an introvert! I won't beat myself up about it, but I also won't accept this as my only option. After all sometimes, practice makes perfect!

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    Be an assertive introvert if going to the OR. It is the perfect place for me.

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