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  1. softrbreeze

    Holiday Bonus

    I believe my company gives out "points." After you've saved up enough points, you can use them to purchase something from a catalog. Of course you need an ungodly amount of points to do so LOL
  2. softrbreeze

    Dismissed From Nursing School, Not Sure What To Do Now

    It was 200 applicants for 50 slots at my GA university. Pretty sure competition is stiff everywhere.
  3. softrbreeze

    My Body Is Not My Resume: Exploring Nursing Dress Codes

    Now that I'm getting up in years, I'm finding myself more interested in artistic self-expression. I'd hate to be in my 70's before I'm finally allowed to dye my hair pink! I finally got a facial piercing and am considering getting a tattoo. My employer hasn't said anything about my nose stud, thank God, even though it is against company policy. Unnatural hair colors are also against company policy but I've had a dark blue streak in my hair for several months to match my uniform and have only gotten compliments on it from staff and patients so far. I do hope the dress code relaxes somewhat, although I'd be the first to tell you I would not want to see extreme body modification in nurse scrubs (black sclera, full facial tattoos, implanted vampire teeth/horns, etc)
  4. softrbreeze

    Where can I get male only patients?

    You might consider a state mental hospital or psychiatric unit as a mental health tech. While there will be both men and women there, you will not be doing things like assisting with bathing, dressing, toileting, etc. (with possibly a rare exception).
  5. softrbreeze

    I'm in hell

    ^^^What Kooky said! Find another job and skedaddle outta there pronto- THEN report what a horrible experience you had there to the higher ups and why. The toxic working conditions there will eventually lead to a patient getting hurt and you do not want to be there when that happens! I have a feeling their little clique will circle wagons when that happens and leave someone innocent to take the blame.
  6. softrbreeze

    Hilarious Notes Sent Home

    Oh, how cute! Thanks for sharing!
  7. softrbreeze

    Verbal order-Denied by resident

    Is there no video that can be accessed to back up your story? (Of the resident BRINGING the propofol, I mean).
  8. softrbreeze

    Quitting nursing school?

    "My bf says you don't have to love what you are doing and at times you'll be unhappy but don't be a quitter. He makes me feel like crap that I am throwing away an opportunity with 2 years left." If my husband had had his way, I never would have went back to college to finish my first degree, much less my 2nd degree, and would be working at Frito Lay on their production line making $15/hr. I'm making way more than that now and, don't you know, he appreciates that I did! Ultimately, you have to do what is right for YOU. Your bf MAY be there with you for the long haul, but you will definitely be there for the long haul. There are plenty of helping professions. It doesn't have to be nursing. I fully enjoy my job most days but sometimes I wish I had gone into dentistry or physical rehabilitation instead. Presumably, you have decades ahead of you to cherish or regret your career. Just remember, YOUR ultimate happiness is what's important.
  9. softrbreeze

    Do nurses use "Linked In"?

    I use it irregularly. I actually got my last job through a recruiter who contacted me on my LinkedIn profile.
  10. softrbreeze

    Home Health burn out, advice welcome.

    Run! I couldn't get out of that situation fast enough! How on Earth did you do that for 2 years?
  11. softrbreeze

    Thinking of psych travel nursing. Need advice!

    FYI there are a ton of travel nurse groups on Facebook. Try Psychiatric Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing: The Premium Job Board, and the Travel Nurse Network- the Gypsy Nurse to start you off. Lots of info available! There's also search bars so you can pull up past comments about various companies. Beware, they are full of recruiters too!
  12. softrbreeze

    Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    Nashville Jeanne, so very sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine the crushing pain. Your memorial for your son is beautiful.
  13. softrbreeze

    Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    If you need a break, TAKE one. Caring for manipulative patients IS draining. There's no shame in leaving and coming back when you are recharged or, hell, not coming back at all. Take a breather! There's plenty of other nursing specialties that are hiring.
  14. softrbreeze

    Forced to resign after 7 weeks

    My first job out of nursing school, I encountered a similar situation. I just didn't fit in with the culture of the unit. In fact, while they were undeniably good nurses, their personalities were awful. They suggested I leave willingly, which I had planned to do anyway, but I wanted to know what their reasons were- their response? Ridiculous things like I called for some fast food to be delivered without asking if they wanted any (I actually did try to hunt them down to see if they wanted to order also but they were off unit), I didn't get up to check out an alarm once (No one did and I had not been told it was my sole duty, which it wasn't), etc. My point is that if it's not a good fit, just be glad you got out before you wasted too much time and energy trying to please people that can't be pleased. You do not need to let a potential employer know about it at all. Just keep marketing yourself to the best of your ability. You will eventually find your niche.
  15. softrbreeze

    introverted nurses -what is the best job?

    Okay, old thread, I know but I have to put in my 2 cents. As a born introvert with borderline social anxiety disorder (diagnosed), I would have to recommend something like home hospice or home health nursing, preferably with a small company. You have lots of "down" time between patients, get to stop and have an actual lunch break most of the time, plus there's lots of documentation (more solitary work). I did that for more than a decade before I grew weary of it. I'm currently working in a psychiatric hospital with people who are mostly there because they are "not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity" and those deemed incompetent to stand trial. I spend most of my time documenting behind a locked door with plenty of down time to do whatever I want. Seriously, the easiest nursing job I've ever had. We are not expected to hold groups/chat with the clients; that is a task relegated to the team of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, social workers, etc. The LPNs pass out meds. I'm sure different hospitals do this differently but it's always worth looking into, if you're still trying to find your ideal placement. I've also considered WOCN training and may yet still do that when I get weary of this current job.
  16. softrbreeze

    Newish RN, New to Corrections: How to be successful?

    Bless her heart, she clearly has no idea what your job actually is LOL