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I'm 20 yrs old with 2 kids. I'm a cna now but the job is too much and pay horrible. I was planning to get the lpn and then take the bridge test for the RN. Also, is porter and Chester a good school... Read More

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    RN is usually 24 months for just the nursing courses, but it's 6 semesters of nursing, not 4, because you have two summer terms. Only the accelerated BSN programs are shorter, like 15-18 months. Or diploma RN schools, those that require you to do all of the non-nursing college courses before you start, and then the nursing part might be just 16-18 months.

    Some community colleges offer a LPN program that directly transfers to their associate degree RN degree.

    With Magnet hospitals and the Affordable Health Care Act, I believe all nurses who work in hospitals are to be BS RNs. So most hospitals are phasing out or sometimes abruptly eliminating the LPNs. And giving the diploma and associate degree RNs a deadline by which they must become BS RN or lose their jobs.

    In rural PA, there are plenty of LPN jobs. The starting pay is about $15/hr. And LPNs are team leaders in nursing homes, not usually working in hospitals. There are some LPN school nurses and doctor's office LPNs, but their pay is so low, like $12-$13 /hour in some cases. In Allegheny and Washington counties of PA, LPNs at nursing homes are paid $18-$20/hour. The CNAs at The Washington Hospital were getting $15/hour but I don't know how much longer that will last, with all of the penny-pinching going on there.
    I live in Connecticut I know the starting pay of lpns is in the $20s. I'm trying to research it as much as I can! I don't want to waste my money if its not worth it. Honestly though even if I get $18 an hour it's much better than what I get now.

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