I want to become a CRNA, but I have to be a RN FIRST..is being a Rn really that bad? - page 2

I have hopes to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist, but I know I have to work in an intensive care unit as a RN for a year or two, before I can enter CRNA school. And quite frankly, Im a little scared, is being a RN... Read More

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    yes and no. It depends on what type of unit you work on and who you work with. I too wanted to be a crna but did not want to work ccu. I have a coworker who works 4hours in the ccu to meet her requirement for grad school. If you really want to be a crna then you have to pay your dues!!
    anyway, back to is nursing really bad, some days I would go home in tears and stressed out (I'm anal) because I would try to be super nurse and sometimes you have to just ask for help. Hopefully when you work on the floor you will work with coworkers who are willing to help you, it makes a difference. Sometimes those coworkers are swamped also. My worst day ever was a 12hr shift from hell when I was trying to keep my 86 yr old patient alive (he was in respiratory distress all night and the night shift nurse did not report this distress nor do anything about it, she quit that next day) he was really bad by the time I came on and ended up on a vent on our unit(which does not really care for vent patients) any way thank God the rest of my patients were stable because they were neglected excepted for their meds being passed.....(which were all late....) got him transferred to a vent unit only to have the unit next to us(also a tele unit) send us their 80 yr old patient who coded and was put on a vent , needless to say he was assigned to me. Can you believe after all that was done for him, they made him a no code?!!! Ended up staying 2hours overtime because I had not charted anything all day on the computer which computer charting is another story all in itself!!!

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