Honest feedback needed on resume - page 2

Hello, I am about to graduate (yay!) from an ADN program and could really use some feedback on my resume. I have no previous medical experience so it was suggested to take aspects from my... Read More

  1. by   cicatrixx15
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    Thanks! Spell check missed that and so did I!!
    You're welcome!!
  2. by   MERRYWIDOW46
    GREAT JOB on your resume. I'd hire you in a minute, but, I am no longer in a hiring capacity. Just be certain that all your listed references are able to speak to your clinical skills and not just who you are as a person. Great people do not always make great nurses. Not being critical, but in today's economy you need every advantage over the 30 other new grads wanting that position you are trying to get. Good Luck.
  3. by   * RN *
    I do not have a current job aside from mom/spouse but I will definetly take your advice and try to shorten the info on the jobs. I had a tough time with that part because we were told that even if your job was at a fast food chain to list duties that would be relevant/helpful in nursing.
    As far as the one page, any advice on how to make it one page? I feel like the formatting is what makes it two pages b/c there really is not a ton of info on there.

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    I think you have an impressive resume. As a new nurse it should be limited to one page. I would list you current job and make a general statement regarding you other positions.