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Please help. I am set to begin my clinical's for the BSN program I am in next fall. I am currently taking AP I and microbiology now. I have so many doubts about nursing right now, and I need help. Well, a big part is I hate... Read More

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    Dear Prairiegirl:

    I understand how you feel and would like to offer you some encouragement. Without going into alot of details, I basically felt the same way you do now. Although I enjoyed AP & micro, I truly did not enjoy interacting with bodily fluids once I was actually in the nursing program. I had no idea what types of activities nurses performed, and found some of them to be completely disgusting. I hoped I would eventually find my "niche" on one of the rotations. I kept telling myself that it would get better once I graduated because "@ least then I would get paid". I was determined to finish what I started. I was not thinking "outside the box". Well, the pay (not even close to representing the value of a nurse) did not change the way I felt, and the conditions of the nursing industry saddened me. I worked with some wonderfully talented nurses that were worn out, frustrated & basically unhappy. I kept searching for "the great positon" and would always find myself unsatisfied. I was a great employee in my various positions, & had no problem creating lasting friendships, but I was not fulfilled. One night I decided I was not going to keep doing something I did not enjoy & regret having spent my life that way! I began to pray earnestly for passion---what was I passionate about? What did I love? What is my dream? I encourage you to ask yourself these questions prairiegirl----What do you love? What is your dream? Step "outside the box" and take a risk-----get really quiet, close your eyes, take a deep breath & ask yourself these questions----then wait for an answer----see I truly believe that I could have quit nursing school & found my passion sooner had I only listened. Does that mean that I don't value what I gained from my nursing education (BSN) ? ---heck no! I use it all the time. Iam making a huge difference with people in PREVENTING illness & disease. I found that I don't enjoy the sickness industry, but love the wellness industry---and I don't need to be a nurse to do it, but Iam able to draw on my experience all the time! I would love to talk more with you if you'd like! You have the whole world in front of you & a Big Dream to pursue----GO FOR IT!!
    Love, Kareny