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Hello all, sorry about all the posts today from me, but I do have a question for this forum. I am pretty confident about my ability to get through school etc. (Hoping I get in, I don't want to jinx that, the count the chicken... Read More

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    Don't feel bad Kim!

    Everyone in my clinic group makes fun of me 'cause of my reaction to the smell of feces, vomit and urine. Let me tell you...I have ABSOLUTELY NO problem with the thought of cleaning it up. I am providing a service that my clients can't provide themselves...but the smell...dear lord...the smell. Everyone in my group is either a mom or has worked as a CNA so they've all been puked, pooped, or peed on and are used to the smell. Everytime I start to clean the client I tell myself, "Okay, it's all in your head, you're gonna be fine" and just then it starts...no no no...not just gagging, but a full on body convulsion that sends my classmates into hysterics (not infront of the client, of course)!!!
    "Oh you'll get used to it soon enough", they say. They even have some nicknames for me like, "seizure girl" and "epi lady" (epi - short for epileptic like seizure I seem to go into when the odor hits my nose)...they think they're so funny! They even want my instructor to put me first on the list to do a fecal impaction. - yeah, they're a bunch of clowns. ha ha.

    Well, hopefully I'll get over it someday 'cause I really want to. And so my clinic group will stop using me as their "punch line"


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    During nursing school, my weaknesses were the smell of vomit and feces. I would get soooo nauseated and I would begin retching. Now, 6 years later, the smells are still miserable, but the retching is gone. So, as time goes on you do adapt to the most disgusting smells.
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    Yes your normal. Nobody like their own body fluids, much less body fluids from another person or animal or what ever. You'll get use to most of it.

    I agree with Gompers. It's the sputum that gets to me. Like her, just thinking about it makes me sick.

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    I know how you feel....before I started nursing school, we buddied up with a second year student. She was telling me how you had to clean up BM and change incontinent patients. I was shocked! I didn't know grown people wet themselves! (I laugh now about how naive I was back then!)

    You will get used to it, although I'm still not good with vomit!

    I used to be really grossed out by mucous. I got a job in a vent/trach unit figuring I'd just have to get used to it. I did, but there were some hard moments.

    Sometime you have to just expose yourself a lot to whatever really skeeves you. Eventually, it won't bother you as much.

    You will do fine...and remember, every nurse has their pet peeve, you're not the only one.

    Good luck!!
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    I thought nothing bothered me, was actua,ly looking for something to gross me out- and now I've found it. Its teh sickly sweet smell of liver faiure. It stays with me when i leave a room. I dont gag, I just have a strong dislike. Noway I could work transplant.
    But who kknow, its new now, but may just pass
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    Can handle anything, but hate to brush teeth. I do it and do it well but hate to clean dentures. Mouth care or oral suctioning does not bother me as much as brushing denture. Weird.?????
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    Gompers. I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants!!!!
    I work in two departments, ER and Endoscopy. I really hate dentures and sputum. I can handle just about anything else. In Endoscopy, patients have to remove dentures before procedures and it really makes my eye water!!!! Sputum is pretty horrible too. I am married to a Pulmonologist, and he LOVES sputum. It takes all kinds.
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    Well...after giving this much thought, I agree with having handguns in nursing... for Pete's sake with all those kiddies out there trying to get drugs and other stuff, we nurses are prime targets... and you don't actually have to shoot anyone... a well placed warning shot will..... ( pardon me?... what do you mean it's not about handguns?.... about what? hangwhat? hangups... oh...
    well that's different isn't it !)


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