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  1. germain

    Woman wakes up & is talking after 20 years in a coma

    The thing is you wouldn't care. you wouldn't be the same person you are now, I think. You can't say what you would want in that situation because it is so different from anything you've experienced, I assume.
  2. germain

    Nursing in France

    WOW- I work at a hospital in Seattle as an AIDE and I make that much- Nurses make quite a bit more than I do here. My impression and research was that nurses in France make significantly less than nurses here- hospital nurses, anyhow. However, the cost of living is not nearly as high, depending on where you are.
  3. germain

    Nursing in France

    Take the language test, above, with a specialty in science- there should be a course near you. Afterwards, with that in hand, see if a specific hospital willtrain you in the medical language ( you can maybe work as an aide soignant( nurses aide) in the mean time. I am told foreign nurses can waive the education requirements for that). There are 1000's of spanish and foreign nurses in France, and there will be lots of vacancies to fill just like here! Just do NOT expect the DRASS to help you. Good Luck
  4. germain

    Wearing scrubs in public...

    Oh Please, when I worry about germs on the bus, it is not the people wearing scrubs I worry about, it the wino with the purse on his head, or the 8 year old wiping his nose on the seat. Get real, people.
  5. germain

    normal activities for vent pt's?

    HI Y'all. I've written here before that I have been a long time nurses aide, am currently a nursing student, and volunteer as an ombudsman at a nursing home. I am hoping that some LTC nurses can answer some questions I have about the nursing home I'm a volunteer ombudsman at. Now, I'm not a stranger to nursing homes and have worked in them for years, but I've never worked with ventilator patients and this facility has a vent unit, one of the only ones in the state. My question is, is it normal that these people NEVER get out of bed? Every time I visit, they are in bed alone, no matter the time of day, and enver get out. I am told as activities they get between 50- 100 minutes of stimulatino therapy a week! They are not all Comatose either. With the help of the speech therapist I have learned that about half of them can communicate, most of them coherently, I'm learning. I'm not seeing a lot of family, either. Like I said, I'm not new to nursing homes, but I feel like this place is the most depressing place I've ever seen. And even thought I find the staff dismissive and completely unattentive to the residents, and even though the place smells like urine like I've never smelled it before, and even though the cost of nurses, aides, RT's and PT's miust far exceed medicaid payments, I still want to give them something of a benifit of the doubt before I make any complaint that they are not doing enough for their residents. I have one family member making complaints with me, and am conisdering making it a gerneral complaint. What would normal activites be for someone tied to a ventilator? I know some can get out of bed, and some do every day- I've worked for them. But would some of them be really bed BOUND? If so, why? What about activites? How would you suggest I approach the staff about this? What kind of questions should I ask? Most of all, what are realisic expectations? Thank YOU
  6. germain

    Is there a spot for CNA's on this forum?

    Yes, thank you. I'm a CNA, have been for 11 years before deciding to study nursing. I work now at a large teaching hospital and love my work. I actually wonder if I'll miss giving bed bathes when I graduate, but I know I will love nursing. THe only thing I don't like is being a slave to lazy nurses, but that is rare and nurses who talk down to me excessively don't get my help. Most nurses and even doctors are great and everyone is greatful for the help. Nursing homes don't have to be as awful as people portray them to be and I've worked in a few good ones, as well as home care, which is my favorite. You'll always be employed, even if underpaid.
  7. germain

    Wined and Dined by future employers

    Why not wine and dine experienced nurses?
  8. germain

    Youngest labor patient?

    sorry for the politics, but teen pregnacy is rising, and STD are skyrocketing, amoung teens in certain places. Sex ed isn't what it used to be, its now abstinence only if the school recieves federal funding for their sex ed- that means NO education concerning contraceptives!
  9. germain

    where does the money go??????

    It goes to pay the people who process the check, mail out the flyers, and print up the adorable wallet licenses.
  10. germain

    MRSA question

    Really? I always thought that if you always killed all the bacteria, good and bad, colonized on your skin, you increased the populations of bad bacteria, or could, by killing your normal skin flora that keep the bad guys in check. Then all thats left are the bacteria tougher than average- like if all the good people move out of the neighborhood, then whats left? THats how it was explained by my high school biology teacher 100 years ago.
  11. germain

    Nurse, There's a Spider in My Throat

    There was an old lady who swallowed a spider That wiggled and jiggled and wiggled insider her. She swallowed the spider to catch the fly, But I don't know why- she swallowed the fly...
  12. I've been thinking EXACTLY the same thing- RN or OT? Here's what I think will ultimately make my decision; grad school = 25000$ with very few Ta/ scholarship possibilties. Nursing school= lots of scholarships. They pay almost the same, with the upper limit being higher for nurses. Also, nursing jobs are everywhere, OT is limited, lots of jobs are for home care therapy companies that I've heard are a pain. Thought of Rehab Nursing? Good luck.
  13. germain

    Nursing in France

    The language tests are called the Deflt, Diplome des Etudes Langue Etranger , or something like that I FORGET. sorry, sleep deprived. A google search should help.
  14. germain

    Nursing in France

    Hopefully someone who lives there will give you the heads up. I think you must present yourself on application, and you might look at taking the french language exam just to have the paper in front of you that you speak well ( it helped me get a hospital job) I met a canadian nurse in France who immigrated with a work visa, so I know its possible. Sure wish I had her contact info for you. Good luck.
  15. germain

    Alcoholic Mother--Need Professional Advice

    You need some support- any support. Get some now! Heres some support I'm throwing your way from cyberspace- CATCH! I think you have a very realistic idea about the situation, but I can' t help but think it might be easier if your mother were in a different living situation right now. Of course she doesn't want it, but it may be best- even hospice. Adult protective services can help, if you want. I know its very hard to find placement for alcoholics, though, but it might take some pressure off of you both and you do deserve that. your mother may even be more comfortable. Mostly, I just wish you a lot of stregnth>
  16. germain

    Reward system for hardworking CNA's..need help!

    I think thank you's and recommendation letters to charge/ nurse managers go a long long way. Everyone wants to be appreciated, right? One thing the nurse manager did for us as aides was buy us lunch on days when we were really overwhelmed, especially when it was because other people called in sick. A thank you AND a Rueben? I remember it recharged me to come in to that place everyday to remember that the hard work I did wasn't invisible.