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    Does a CNA certificate count for anything when going to school to be an RN?

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    Quote from sonja24
    Does a CNA certificate count for anything when going to school to be an RN?
    I don't think so.
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    It did not count in my RN program, but it did count in my LPN program. I think that being a CNA before becoming a nurses is a really good idea. It will help you decide whether or not you like the health care/patients environment, before you go and spend years in college and thousands of $$$ to become an RN.
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    Thanks guys. Didn't think so but it was worth a shot
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    In the program that I'm trying to get into, CNA training and experience counts as points to get in. The more points you have, the better chance you have.
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    Hello! At the CC I attend in North Florida, admittance to the program is geared to how many points you have acquired (mostly thru your grades)..for those applying to the nursing program, a CNA (EMT & LPN also) is awarded an extra 20 points on their application..whew..thinking I should get that certificate just for the clinical and points value alone before I apply!
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    At my C.C, Having a current CNA certificate exempts you from having to take nursing essentials 1.

    My CNA has lapsed, so unfortunately I will have to take nursing ess. 1.
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    CNA does not "count" as credit in RN schools (that I am aware) but certainly will count as giving you excellent experience. Try to find an employer who reimburses for education, which would be an added plus!
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    At the BSN program I am applying to, they gave me 3 hours elective credit for having taken the CNA course at community college.

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